The law of love assists our awakening to a true and eternal inner Nature.  Ongoing series of advanced monthly classes and workshops are lovingly offered. Intuitive formulas of wisdom and love combined with firsthand sacred breath meditative disciplines encourage a lasting healing transformation.  The healing energy gracefully leads the participant into a state of acceptance where balance of the body, mind and soul become a reality. The process involves attracting and expanding radiant light and consciously connecting with our inner Self.

Why continue to struggle and feel separated from your true spiritual identity?  Pure intent and the energy of love is a scientific method leading toward wholeness and an awakened consciousness.


Author Shirlee Hall


Spiritual Consultant

Give yourself a special gift any time of the year!  Zoom sessions are available. You deserve balance, harmony and an enduring feeling of lightness. Receive the loving support and energy boost necessary to achieve the fulfillment you deserve.

Contact Shirlee at [email protected]

A lifetime of healing successes with her self and others has provided Shi with the knowledge and experience to speak and act with authority. To be completely healed, an individual must first be healed inwardly. If a physical healing occurs without an inner transformation, another imbalance may eventually manifest in the body. The inner self and the outer energy need to work together as a unit of consciousness in order to achieve any enduring and significant balance.

Instantaneous healing frequently occur in the monthly Sacred Healing Workshops and personal sessions. Connecting with the soul and spirit of the individual and accepting divine assistance restores balance. A lifetime ministry provides the understanding and the numerous variables involved in becoming whole again.



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