The below are a series of words from my consciousness that simply describe living in density and some of our challenges in order to break through the concepts/barriers/lack/limitations that plague humans. 

Typically, the consciousness in the food body experiences a lack of stability, is mesmerized by the appearance world, the disguises, low levels of consciousness, and the hundreds of concepts that continue to be assumed as truth and in control.  A human is typically unaware and does not feel consciously connected to Source, the Creator. The physical, emotional, mental makeup is a mix of the 5 elements.  The heaviness of matter, belief in time, space, maya (etheric energy), glamor (emotional energy), illusion (mental energy) is a strong dominating ignorance. An unenlightened man is controlled by rules and regulations, fears, blockages, incarnations, imprisonment, mind robotics, desires that are often harmful, clinging to unreality, a twisted belief in individuality, duality influences, and repetitive suffering keeping the soul/mind trapped in a net of its own making.  The good part is there are holes in the net. We are destined to awaken and be free.
Interesting fact:  There are approximately 84 million species.  All exist in mind but in Principle, the Highest Reality, they do not exist.  Physicality is not Reality. 


Eventually, through one's own effort, a  sense of Beingness, a grander understanding that is true, will develop as a major return step leading to the Original state of Pure Awareness. We learn through trial, error, longing, persistence, discipline and a faithful love to be an  Active Witness.  This means we are being aware of the Intelligent Light that vibrates behind all creation.  We are destined to awaken and consciously express the true spiritual identity, the Real Self, that has been patiently waiting to help us move toward a permanent waking state.  Through desire, the energy of the I Amness, genuine freedom, meditation, liberating choices, surrendering, renunciation, striving to permanently purify, recognizing the changeless, dropping concepts and conditioning, strong faith, realizing that the 'light-true nature' is already perfect and all that we seek we are, mind and emotions move beyond time and space and begins to re-identify with its True nature.  True Nature is changeless, observant and draws on, honors and loves the sublime vibration that which is Indescribable, the Source.  It begins to know through firsthand experience accepting its true identity and relationship to everything created.  True feelings and a genuine knowingness of the meaning of oneness is felt and joyfully begins to express itself as identity.  It understands that it does not have to incarnate to make amends.  Being True Self authentically wipes clear the past of robotic ignorance.  Persistent awareness of 'I Am" leads to the Eternal-Indestructible, our True Home.  This is the 'falling in love' state I often mention in books and classes.  Words such as science, unconditional love, genuine wisdom are clumsy but they do hint at the overwhelming Power and Presence of the One.

An interesting statistic from the ancient Vedic teachings:  Only one in a hundred thousand will grasp this fact now because they cling tenaciously to the physical body sense.


Our ORIGINAL STATE is beyond puny words. In the visible state, it can be witnessed as wordless Light. It can be intellectually recognized in the food body such as described in The Three Persuasions and briefly experienced in a conscious bliss state of Pure Awareness. It is Source, Pure, Principle, Awareness, Absolute, Everything and yet Indescribable.  No time and no space.  It is Eternal and beyond any intellectual comprehension obviously far surpassing, body, mind, emotions, and spirit as understood by the masses. 

Sunday, at Circle, and into the future, I will continue to explain what I just wrote from inner knowing.  I always welcome comments and suggestions.
Much love and gratitude,

Light is a bond that frees us, a weight that lightens our load.

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