Affirmations for Unity...

I am already Home.

I have a deep desire to be consciously awake

I breathe, relax and realize God as my true reality.

I am the inner Tree of Life

I already am what I seek

I am love, wisdom and power in manifestation

I consciously join with my quickened spirit.

I am the holy breath.

.I identify with the spirit of my Tree

I let go of anything preventing me from being my true Self.

I embrace the power, presence and peace of my higher nature.

I know who I Am.

I have chosen to remain awake

I accept, understand and love as divinity.

I, the inner Tree of Life, am the sole authority

I am creative Divinity, one, not two

I am unified consciousness, One Mind

I open my heart and let love create

I relax in confidence and remember

I am being my true Self.

I am the branch, the leaves, the buds, flowers and fruit.

I am the Master awakened to Self…


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