We can have a longer and more fulfilling life when we seek and live the higher reality of what we actually are.  Stop allowing time, space, conflict and stress to adversely affect you. Instead, be grateful for your blessings and make time your servant and be aware that you can make divine connections and accomplish wonderful things.  Why not? We have the power to have dominion over physical life and material activities. If you feel you haven’t had time to do what you feel you been called to do, command it to serve you properly. Make positive statements at the beginning of the day that will help you accomplish the things that are meaningful to you.


Both the within and the without takes place in our mind.  We are the whole thing right now. We are all the dimensions as an example and to use them we need to accept our true identity as spirit temporarily using form. Our responsibility is to remove all the baggage accumulated in the subconscious and the conscious thinking mind. Stop putting off everything by placing it in the future. All the miracles and blessings are available right now.  Faith, healing, everything good can be experienced Now. What is needed is a miracle mindset. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

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