The Divine Mother or Shekinah experience is not to be equated directly with djed pillar phenomenon of Egyptian origin or with the Kundalini experience of the Indian mystical system. Shekinah, Divine Mother, Holy Spirit unfoldment concerns radiant energy entering the biophysical system from a higher level of beingness.  It comes to us from Above in contrast to the other two mentioned which related to energy already present, but lying dormant within the existing physical and/or psychical framework of the individual.


The energy, pillar of light or fire descending from Divine Mother represents the downward flow of the “Gifts of the Spirit”.  As the Mother Energy becomes active within us, our consciousness begins to undergo a profound change. Divine Mother brings harmony within and order without. We are liberated and restored to wholeness through the Cosmic Mother and Her human representatives.  When this happened to me, my husband and friends bluntly stated, “You are a different person.”


Since the birth of my third child, I have been working reverently with Holy Spirit, my best friend. The Holy Spirit is very mystical.  Action manifests in a variety of ways. I know Her compassion is responsible for healing on every level.  The Holy Spirit is known as the Holy Ghost, Holy Comforter or Heavenly Comforter. She is a Cosmic Mother that helps us to pass our initiations and teaches us not only to cultivate the gifts of Creativity but also how to be a just steward of these gifts. Imagine what life on Earth would be like if we all allowed the Mother of all to enter humanities heart!

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