Hope is authentic when we grasp the truth that the presence of God, an indescribable and creative power, is ready and waiting for humanity to embrace humility and unity and actually live as divine love. When ready, our chemistry and wavelengths are transformed. We have free will. It is our will that determines choice. As we awaken and awareness expands, we accept the fact that we are designed to harmonize the physical body with our divinity. This is our purpose here on Earth.

Circle of Light - Revisited is a stunning combination of firsthand experiences during a ten year period of non-physical communion with others regarding an inner knowledge, a movement of spiritual identity, and a memory of truth that the author held close to her heart.  The language of intuition, a luminous rhythm and a truth replete with flashes of light, healing and an embrace of truth served and still serves as a gradual recognition of spiritual identity.  The sharing is a point of joy that is lovingly offered as continuous spiritual progression with all who are ready to receive it~

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