Those of you who have not wavered, we applaud you.

Those of you who have suffered greatly, we praise you.

Those of you who try, we adore you.

We who observe know your pain and separation and feel helpless because we cannot interfere.

Free choice is your lot...freedom to be whether that freedom embraces ignorance or enlightenment.

We watch and know you heights and depths.

We watch and see your confusion and sorrow.

Hold on, dear ones, hold on.

This is the time of alignment.

This is the time when the awake gather together.

This is the time when the lazy fall back.

This is the time when the camps are separated.

Do not grieve over your loved ones.  It is their choice.

Only grieve for self if you have chosen unwisely.

The ears of the many are deaf.

The eyes remain blind.

And the tongues speak of nonsense.

We have warned you.

We have helped you.

We have loved you.

We cannot do more, only you can.

You are the ones who must 'save' self.

You are the ones who must care for all life.

Your are the ones who must tend your planet.

You are the ones, not us.

We are always near.

We can only assist if you give us permission.

Only ask.


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