Last night for some reason or another I remembered a miracle that happened when my ministry had first begun.  I've written many books but never shared this particular healing that  unexpectedly took place with a stranger.   I was returning home from Oaxaca, a city in central Mexico. It is known for its colonial buildings, many of which are made from green volcanic stone. We had not been flying for long when I heard a woman scream for help from the front of the plane,  None of the staff members appeared to help.  Her husband had experienced a heart attack and was slumped unconscious in his seat.

I was seated closer to the rear of the plane.  Without hesitation, I immediately got up and quietly walked over to the unconscious man and stood by the couple in the aisle.  I didn't say a word or make a gesture except to slightly lift my right hand facing it toward the husband.  The wife simply stared into my eyes.  I didn't have to stand by his side long because I had mentally called on the Holy Spirit.  Through first hand experience, I knew how quickly the Holy Spirit takes care of what is needed.

It wasn't long and the man regained consciousness and began to cough.  The coughing quickly changed to vomiting and it was at that point that I went silently back to my seat and sat down never mentioning anything to the stranger whose seat was next to mine.  At the same time, a stewardess appeared and assisted the couple.  The Holy Spirit had done Her amazing work.   Later, when we had landed and I was walking over to pick up my suitcases I saw the husband and wife walking through the area doing likewise.  Can you imagine the joy I felt and particularly the immense gratitude and relief of the wife?  We never did exchange words...only smiled at one another.

About six months later, I was visiting with a former neighbor who began to tell me about a friend of hers who had died last month.  She went on to tell me that her friend and his wife had been on a return flight from Oaxaca, Mexico and he had suffered a heart attack and revived by a silent woman who appeared from the back of the plane.  Her friend lived for another four months and suffered a second heart attack from which he did not survive.  They say there are no coincidences but yet, I was the woman on the plane who stood by and helped delay his appointment with destiny until a more convenient time for everyone concerned.   As to why after all these years this memory was released from my subconscious I do not know.  Perhaps, it is to give us hope.

Blessings of love and light,


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