Everything is backward on this planet.  If humans learned from an early age that the most natural action is to love God, One, Source, first and actually love  our own spiritual identity, we could love others as we genuinely understand and love ourselves.

Since we do not normally love ourselves due to false programming, we entertain harmful emotions, thoughts and easily indulge in negative behavior.  If we genuinely accepted our higher identity, we would not so easily become ill, lame, or disoriented on any level. Misidentification and neglect of self and others has gone on far too long.  Imagine the difference it would have made if we had respected our life and other lives from the beginning.

Although it is a good beginning, to change our diet, schedule, friends, family or occupation will not transform us in the way we need to be transformed.  We require a drastic internal change that comes through an awakened consciousness.


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