A new spirituality is struggling to be birthed.  It is a spirituality, which views the world as a sanctuary and instills in us reverence for life and the world as a cosmos.  Ecology is part of the new spirituality.  It is reverence for life in all forms.  No longer can we avoid the Whole.  We are part of earth, part of society, and part of all life.  If part of the whole goes down, the entire existence goes down.

Many of us know as our truth that our spiritual life is bountifully nourished by exposure to the nobility and beauty of nature. The power of the Divine is powerfully present in the silence of lakes, ocean, forests, desert, flower garden and mountains.  To cultivate a ‘new’ earth or ‘heaven on earth’, we must cultivate on earth what most souls are expecting to experience in the higher worlds of Light.  Spirituality and ecology go hand in hand.

Basic moral questions are raised with the misuse and continuing abuse of the environment. This is why an authentic spirituality is interconnected with the earth and all her amazing manifestations.  Spirituality helps transform human minds and hearts, our relationship to each other and how important it is to live in dignity and beauty as an image of God.

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