The One Mind is in everything and everyone.  Our intelligence has the capability to recognize and consciously live as the One Mind.  The One expresses and maximizes according to focus and awareness.
An awakened Self is the One Mind thinking and is capable of creating anything and everything. Disbelief becomes an issue when we do not comprehend.  When we comprehend our actual identity as Mind expressing in matter, the falsity of lack, limitation, time, space and a sense of separation ceases.
In claiming the One Mind as our truth, we can be master of the lesser energies.  Consciously using the One Mind with a knowing wisdom, our Real Self expresses and maximizes control as mastery in action.
We are not becoming the One Mind; it is what we are.  When we focus on Reality, the field of vibratory Light within automatically expands.  The goal is to fix the field so it is stabilized and yet active.
A sense of division is the result of a mistaken, conditioned and habitual way of thinking.  Corrupt programming and lack of depth in understanding and a false sense of identity is the culprit.
We have the power through sound commitment to manifest a fixed and perfect matrix of clear awareness and hold what we have created as our reality.  Consistency and acceptance is our responsibility.
We can through firsthand intuition scientifically transform and establish equanimity and perfection within and without.  Why not live as Infinite Light and Life instead of acting in a false dream filled with suffering?
Shirlee Hall

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