I've been talking, writing and demonstrating the authentic self for at least thirty-five years. Sure, I go up and down the levels of awareness just like you do. There are so many distractions in a culture that is not yet wide awake.

If you would like serious support, come check out our classes and workshops. Everyone I know including myself has been going through and in many cases still are stuck in patterns, denial, a mindset that doesn't work for empowerment purposes, sense of personality, powerlessness, disagreement either with the mind or heart or both.

People are experiencing ongoing pain from their attachments to other people, places and things. Pain can be used to set you free. Are you tired of not really sticking to a 'plan' of genuine awareness? The Circle of Light is a powerful and loving support group based on firsthand divine experience, the inner wisdom. Whether it is a Sunday afternoon class and meditation or a Friday evening Sacred Breath Workshop, the energy is all about the REAL YOU! We interact. Questions are posed in the classes and the group mind exchanges and expands the energy helping each other in dropping patterns and stopping falseness to run the show.

Have you reviewed your inner agreements lately? If not, do so. Are they working for or against your joy? Friends of the Circle freely share their insights, releases and how amazing it is to move levels upward as a result of making a choice to participate in the classes and workshops. Each class or workshop is intuitively designed, fresh manna, for the next gathering. At the April workshop, one woman mentioned how she actually experienced being cut free from serious attachments to family members. She was stunned as release and a sense of gratitude swept through her.

Our classes and workshops help you shift your perspective and see the potential that is already present beyond your beliefs. When your attachments have hold of your mind, the authentic within diminishes. Our purpose is to assist you to successfully correct the conditioning allowing a higher understanding to take its place. Result...accepting and loving yourself. Suffering actually stops. You will begin to see everything from a different angle.

How did you lose your authentic self? Perhaps, you have not. Does self-judgment have control of your choices? What is your definition of perfection? Where is your power? Where do flaws and defects originate? Do you have the ability right now to enjoy and be exactly who you are without judgment? Are you ready to take back control? These are only a handful of questions being discussed this month. The idea is to see your own perfection. Is the reflection in the mirror clear?

The days are passing quickly. Are you doing enough to honor you? When you cross over into the subtle planes, will you be satisfied with your journey? If you would like support and friendship with light-minded souls, know we are available either locally, through the Internet or phone.

You are worthy...

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

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