• Are you ready to dethrone the anthropomorphic god of the Bible who threatens, instills fear, judgment and the opposite of boundless universal loving-kindness?
  • Are you ready to really think and look seriously at a rational, tolerant way of living that you can actually test and verify through personal experience?
  • Can you become an independent thinker?

What many are ready for is a moral and philosophical system which appeals to the masses and the intelligentsia. The man-in-the-street needs a non-aggressive antidote to the ongoing suffering of living in the sleep of ignorance. No more fear-obsession! Going ‘forward’ is a natural process.
Why fight it?
What we need is right guidance, right knowledge and right understanding.

  • How many people have brought their mind to a state of one-pointedness?
  • How many of us view life and objects from an unconditioned point of view?

It is time to get beyond ordinary thinking and be ordinary mortals. There are mental exercises we can daily do. We can equip and train our minds so we are possessed with an uncanny deeper insight into ourselves and events in the continuum of space and time.

  • Wouldn’t’ you prefer to touch on the summits of your former achievements, be unconditioned and timeless?

Imagine your joy in relying solely on your own efforts and wisdom!
To be successful, we must accept responsibility for the conditions or situations we find ourselves in today and at any time. It is possible to attain an understanding of things as they really are and become fully awakened. To depend on oneself is positive. We were told, ‘What I have achieved, you, too, can accomplish.’ As long as we ignore this statement of truth, the longer we suffer. Self-complacency increases ignorance. Liberation, heaven on earth and being fully aware does not come into existence automatically.

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