It is time to widen our vision.  Many of us long for a great blossoming that will gradually reveal petal by petal the great marvel of a true life, a rose of perfection.  More people need to 'see' differently.  To see differently is to be able to do differently.  Awareness appears as tiny and natural marvels, mysteries and miracles.  The unexpected flashes appear as a means to draw us closer to the great goal where we can be truly alive each instant.

Humanity stumbles along and continues to make wrong turns and yet, something is answering our cry for help.  There is 'something' that answers, moves, hears, knows exactly where we are going.  We are meant to be the visible and tangible loving tools of a greater Self, the translators of an approaching marvel.  Step by step we learn to discover the effectiveness of Truth.  As we do, we enter a world of continuous little marvels.

Have you noticed how "coincidences" multiply?  When our eyes are opened to a higher and loving reality, we begin to enter an innumerable wonder.  Many of us have walked a long time in the dark and deeply appreciate the marvel in knowing with a certainty that we are actually being called and sought.  Everything is already here!  To hear and dance to the music of the spheres we will need to finely tune our body and mind as a clear instrument, a transmitter of a growing music.  Truth is natural, which is why we do not always recognize it.

It is time humanity open the front door and allow the tiny natural miracles that bring the purpose of existence alive at each instant and reveal the totality of the marvel in one point.  It is time we widen our field of vision.  It is time more of us genuinely understand, accept and love that there is an unfettered marvel, completely free and independent, a kind of spontaneous springing out from within.

We encourage this opening by allowing little clearings that prepare the marvels to come.  It is not enough to be clear in our thinking we have to be clear everywhere.  Train yourself to be an observer.  Notice everything.  A marvel is born in droplets.  Pay attention and know that behind, in the background, there is something vibrating very softly.  Truth is a rhythm making it known to us.  A beginning is a thousand tiny strokes that come and go.  It is another form of logic, rhythm or way of being.  It is a sudden stillness that awakens us to a vastness vibrating with creative possibilities.  There is but one Marvel that is waiting its hour.  What we have judged as humanly impossible will become child's play~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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