Can a healer choose to take on a patients karma?

If a human is not balanced and is giving a healing treatment, he or she can inadvertently ‘pick-up’ on the negative vibrations of the patient or vice versa. Therefore, practioners in the ‘healing’ industry often are ill.  There are other reasons, but this result is a common one.

As you know mind and the cause in the mind whether hidden or known must be addressed for a complete healing. If it is not faced, resolved, even if the current illness may appear to be healed another imbalance will appear if the person does not change the source, the cause of the weakness.

Now, as for serious karma.  It is ego talking as some healer practioners claim that they can take on someone else’s karma.  If there has been wrongdoing, it is only wisdom for the affected to learn, forgive and rectify his or her mistake. It is not in harmony with the Law of the One for someone who thinks or has trained themselves in the healing arts to brazenly state he or she can take karma away. It is a disservice. Also, how are they going to prove it?  The illness or imbalance may be lessened but it will appear again in another form.  Also, karma may not appear until hundreds of years later.

Healers who honor, understand and have fallen in love with the third aspect of God, the Comforter, Holy Spirit call on this sublime energy for a healing need.  The archangels and angels assist.  The Holy Spirit is Divine Mother.  To connect with the Holy Spirit is to gain the ultimate love.  One does not need to learn any particular manmade style, words, or actions…only to completely love, trust and surrender to the Holy Spirit’s power, presence, love, and glory.  If the ‘patient’ is not fully healed, it is because the patient has not yet discovered the cause of his dis-ease or changed his mind or attempted to make amends.  If the affected does not learn a lesson, the lesson is repeated.   Jesus said after a healing, “Go and sin no more.”  In other words, don’t repeat the same mistake.


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