Everything is cyclic.  Widespread terrifying events have happened before and they will continue to manifest.  Because consciousness is vacillating, not always good or what we judge as bad, the outer conditions change. The point of matter's existence is to transform itself back to its original form.  Its original form is Light.
Whether we experience something good or not good is always the result of cause and effect.  Frequently, the effect is not understood because we are not aware of the cause.  There are no accidents.
This does not imply that those who become ill or die are being punished nor the fact that we happen to be alive at this life changing time. We are the ones who choose when and where we are to enter a physical body.  As I said in my beginning comment, everything is cyclic and major changes occur when the earth and its life is ready for movement. Progress and greater understanding is usually triggered by disruption and great changes. We chose to be here at this time.  The patterns can be seen and that is why there are always people who receive visions, prophecies and the like because of the repetitive nature of the aspects of matter.  There is more to come.
Although tragic for many, what is occurring all over the world will eventually lead to good. It is what has been referred to as 'the play of consciousness'.    Love, Shi

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