Serious students on the path desire to be healed not always taking into consideration to have a genuine cleansing, it involves the mind emptying its fears, doubts, judgments, harmful choices and much more.  A thorough cleansing is not only emptying the subconscious of interfering memories but respecting the body and being very watchful on what we eat and drink, what actions we choose for our body and how balanced emotions are. We must be mindful of our true spiritual identity all the time.

It is not a short or long diet fast, which is very helpful, it is a fast from all choices that prevent us from living the higher, radiant, wisdom filled, love demonstrating light right here in matter…the original true Self.  This Self is not in our body, but it will demonstrate through us to the extent that we love, respect and honor it.

If we desire to prevent a world war III as an example or future earth changes, more of us must increase our Light.  Negative prophesies don’t have to come true.  If enough of us take our purpose in being in a physical form on this planet seriously, we not only are beautifully transformed, the outer world also changes.  The greatest service we can offer is to keep consciousness including the mind (reason and love), body, soul (emotions) balanced.

Every once in awhile a great example arrives on Earth. The example understands exactly what he or she are exposing themselves. For the survival of the Earth and all its life an opportunity to change and seriously evolve is offered to the life existing during that cycle of Earth or another planet with very serious issues. The examples descend because they fully understand that the element of forgetfulness combined with free will is a huge deterrent to souls who visit planet Earth.

The fact that you are reading and resonating to what this teaching represents and are currently striving to bring more Light into your force fields, deliver hope to those who ask and show others how they can gain and be the qualities of their spiritual Self here in matter through a higher Love, is proof of this.

An unenlightened human is fearful of those who dare them to question and look inside themselves.  They judge this as a great crime because they don’t want to look at their souls and face what exists in the subconscious/emotional history.  Many people scoff at teachings of love and resonate to war and hate.  They cannot understand and see this.

We are all embodiments of a living God, but few believe this.  Therefore, if you are genuinely serious about your true Self manifesting through you, deep thought, better decisions and actions need to be chosen.  Jesus and others, too, have been great examples.  He was, is what we all can be.  What we all must strive for.  It is possible.  He said he is the Way.  If we can but open our eyes and hearts, we should see this and take serious steps to burn away the harmful and wash our body, mind and soul in the cleansing waters.  Periodic cleansing fasts are very helpful, yet this is what we must live and be 24/7 if we are to succeed.

Mankind has gone for eons making the same mistakes. Going on from time to time, but never really changing.  Jesus, as well as others, have shown us that it is possible to grow.  That in order to escape and to attain the freedom and the knowledge of the highest Love, that we must evolve in consciousness.  As it was within to do this, it is within us to do other things that are good, wise, and loving.  People do not understand the totality of Jesus or themselves and thus limit their ability to be the Higher Self.  Whether we are working consciously, with the subconscious or with the superconscious, preferably with all three, we are choosing to experience the highest version of our true identity.

To be always calm and not overwhelmed by the behavior/energy of the unenlightened is very helpful. The idea is for us keep a reality check on our own energy moment by moment to increase our Light, remain healthy, and be an example as well.  We must guard the gate to the senses.  It is important that we feel love for people who are controlling the world energy in a negative way because they cannot possibly know the consequences from the highest perspective.  We have entered the flesh for a reason. No one forced us to.  Take charge of your choices, remove that which is harmful and honor your True Self and allow it to be the one in charge and not doubt, fear, lack of trust and other destructive choices.

Religious dogma has misled souls…period.  The longer we follow false and unenlightened teachings, make erroneous choices, the longer we endure what we have made others endure because of our ignorance.  Jesus did it and has shown us the way to emulate, but not to be worshipped, because we are part of God.  He and others have been spiritual guides to guide people to greater enlightenment, to help them achieve greater power, become more spiritual in our perceptions.  The thinking that we can do unwise things and be automatically forgiven for them doesn’t work because we through conscious choices create what works and what does not.  Yes, it takes deep thought, wise choices and questioning of choices from all angles.  If you believe, find an option good, then it is worth believing in.  We must question things but at the same time have faith.  Faith, belief f and trust in those who live what they teach.

Through our meditation, prayer, and these monthly sessions, we open ourselves up deep inside.  It is worthwhile to question.  One question you may have is if you are at this point of conscious readiness why have you gone through so many trials this lifetime?  Whether you haven’t been on earth in a physical incarnation for a very long time or shorter time, it usually is a need for us to face trials, be taught knowledge of the world, so we can understand this current time we live in.  If we lived in an Eastern culture, we would likely have been trained as a child in the complete use of the mind in order to show its marvelous capabilities.  The leaders of various churches, etc. have done a great disservice to the soul by not stressing the importance that a human is not merely an animal body, but a supreme spiritual creation.

The goal of Jesus and others was to be example and even though treated horrifically forgave ignorance.  They continued to love and understood the step by step evolution in mind and hear process and this is what we must also do. If love and respect are developed in us, no further negative karma is created. If love was present in the collectivity, there would be no more wars and suffering.  Humanity could get off the wheel of karma and begin to progress up the ladder again.  People feared the example of Jesus and others because examples are different, loving and balanced.   Each of us can attain and be a perfect package, body, mind, soul (emotions) if we choose to.  This means be attentive of what we feel, think and the actions we take.  Daily take a reality check on where we stand on the ascending ladder.  I applaud, respect, admire and love you dearly for your choices and may the common love for the Divine bless each one here and our lives be a victory celebration on every level.

In service to the One





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