The Three Persuasions by Shirlee HallTuesday, January 7, 2014


Our CIRCLE OF LIGHT group meets one Sunday afternoon a month. We also offer a Sacred Breath Healing Workshop usually the third Friday of each month. If you live in the Chicago area and do not attend, you are missing an amazing opportunity to accelerate your conscious awareness in the area of true identity and the purpose of life.

What I share is direct experience with the divine. The energy is open and everyone understands that they are always free to share as well. For example, the Flower of Life symbol is actually your own energy field. It is a personal 'space ship', so to speak. Some of us, like myself, actually see our own and the MerKaBa of another soul. I have consciously and frequently walked through mine This Sunday afternoon we are meeting in Woodridge. We will be discussing Biblical Space Travel and at the same time, I will emphasize how space travel throughout human history is naturally happening in what we comfortably refer to as the year 2014.

Another year is here. Hopefully, you have successfully eliminated some of your old programs that were working against your soul purpose. It is time to put a new disk in your inner computer. The disk is just waiting to be filled up. A subconscious mind which has erased the old negatives and replaced them with new positives is the most fertile ground for growth and higher achievements.

Understanding what you exactly are, where you have been and where you are headed involves the evolution of consciousness and a greater clarity of the cosmos. There are links between the extraterrestrial and our physical universe. Speaking from first hand experience and the knowledge handed down to humanity, our gatherings intent are to help redefine what we actually are.

You are invited to check out my newly published book, The Three Persuasions - A Tale for Inquisitive Souls, and new web site listed above. The new book is written as is reality disguised.

Safe traveling...

Shirlee Hall

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