Some of us talk and write about love and do our best to be the most loving person toward others and yet, stay aloof from personally receiving love.  This often happens when we have been repeatedly harmed by people who normally would be the ones expected to love us.  If our parents, siblings, spouses, children and friends who come in and out of our lives do not genuinely love themselves, how can they love us?  It becomes a facade, a painful  pretense of what we hope would be and is not.  As a result, many sensitive people shut down and won't allow themselves to feel.  Although unhealthy, it feels safe.  It isn't a waste of energy attempting a pretense for something that is plastic and does not hold its form under stress and strain.

You would be surprised to learn how many people have never felt love, particularly an unconditional love that they can trust.  Humans attempt to compensate for the lack and yet, many don't even consciously realize that lack exists.  This is one of the reasons people hate, harm and even kill life...true love does not exist for them.  When those we expect to love us do not express love, it makes it more difficult to love and honor ourselves.  You might be one of the 'shut' down souls who have not yet discovered that your outer appearance of happiness hides your secret yearning for love, a love that has no conditions nor expectations...a joyous love that accepts you as you are. It feels like the old popular song , "Laughing on the outside crying on the inside".

If denial is the norm and you have not honestly experienced a love that nourishes and heals, adopt an animal friend.  Adoption may not work the first time.  Through the years, you may have to take in several different kinds of animals into your home environment until one comes along and breaks through the solid wall of protection you have deliberately built around the pain in your heart.  When the wall crumbles, you experience pure magic.  Your 'pet' will love you unconditionally and with gratitude.  As you give,  he or she will help you feel genuinely good about yourself.  Your happiness will spill over on others and the circle of love will widen in unexpected and beautiful ways.  Yes, do yourself and an animal a favor.  When you allow an animal into your heart, love is naturally returned and a sweet healing takes place in the body, mind and soul.

Light is a bond that frees us, a weight that lightens our load.
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