I heard a wonderful story years ago.  It went something like this.  An elderly gentleman was walking down the street on a beautiful summer day.  When he passed someone, he would say,  "Good morning, Master".  He was usually ignored.  One day, a young man did listen and stop.  He replied, "Good morning, Master".  The elderly gentleman smiled and asked the young man, " Do you know who you are?"  The young man smiled and said, "Now that you have reminded me, I do".  The old man replied, "Then go and be it."

Do you know who you are? Do you trust who you are?  Do you love who you are?  Are you the person standing by the wall jumping up and down trying to see what is on the other side?  Are you the type who likes to make truth a mystery by it in a veil?  The typical personality creates a maze of a 1,000 steps.

It does not need to be difficult to pass from the thoughts of an ordinary person to the consciousness of a Christ.  Why continue to use the back door method where you constantly run around, behave and think like a robot seeking outside of yourself?  The seeker is the sought.  Being ruled by conditions, false beliefs and fears create a feeling of imprisonment.   The front door method will free you from the maze.  It requires choice and commitment.  Why not finally decide to be your true nature fully and completely?

Passion is required.  Accept that you were 'something' grander before you entered the flesh and will eventually return to that amazing nature after you discard the flesh.  Spend time in the Silence and listen.  Trust the inner Voice.  Develop an ongoing focus and a mind that demands truth.  You can break the shackles of physical existence.  Why not choose to spiritualize matter?    It is up to you to develop a firsthand acceptance and relationship with pure consciousness. The relationship will evolve like a human relationship.  The beautiful part is that your true nature will not deceive, desert or hurt you.  Love who you really are, the divine essence, the I Am of you.  The I Am Consciousness is your best friend.

Conscious union with the true nature becomes a reality through a steady and trusting effort.  Allow yourself to be a cosmic thinker.  You will move naturally from the darkness of ignorance to the light of understanding.  Why make the journey difficult?  Allow your true consciousness to lead.  Be who you really are and the mystery is solved.

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall   8-4-13
[email protected]

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