Ever since I could read the printed word and carefully listened to religious teachers and philosophers expound on how they interpret universal law, creation and alchemy, I have always asked myself whether they know the Sublime firsthand. Humanity has been repeatedly impacted with rules, regulations and tedious suggestions on how to attain enlightenment. Could interpretations actually be a ‘back door’ method?

According to ancient and current thinking, Pure Awareness, Christ or Buddhic Consciousness and the multifarious degrees of Enlightenment require lifetimes of study, self examination, patience, compassion, mindfulness, meditation and a wide array of available tools. Love is the golden thread behind the teaching. It is suggested we have a physical teacher. A temporary teacher is very helpful if he has personally experienced everything suggested to the student.

If persistent, once a soul decides it has had enough of all the programming, deception, judgment and abuse on many levels, a genuine and heightened awareness will surface. The meaning of Oneness is finally understood. When pure intention allows light to flow into the right channels, desire is good. When our inner reality is harmonious, duality is good. It is then that we see clearly; our peace understands and acts.
Suffering is the direct result of falsity being in charge. If a strong foundation of real understanding is not established, energy is corrupted. The collective consciousness continues to be immersed in the illusion of matter. As souls awaken, everything is understood from a loftier perspective. Even though words are written, Silence is preferred. The words heard, written and viewed by the inner Self emanate as the language of Light. Light is a subtle and spirit directed language. First, a firm and conscious connection must be established. I’ve always referred to the connection as a love affair. Being psychic or experiencing the gifts of Spirit are not a prerequisite.

The ‘front door method’ is a ring of power encircling our Sacred Breath Healing Workshops and Circle of Light monthly classes. Many people are healed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The greatest healing is spontaneous and natural; it occurs when the participant inwardly decides he is ready to be the grander Self in matter. The process is triggered by a higher form of surrender. Why not establish a celestial consciousness in matter? Why not live as a conscious example of the inner divinity? Why wait?

Waiting is reluctance prompted by fear. Thousands are ready to sound the trumpet. Although willing, there may be a magical note missing in the song they have created. Intuitively, feelings are true and hearts are in the ‘right’ place and yet, they have not fully surrendered. Surrender is a choice. Surrender is a focused unconditional love powerfully trusting, knowing, watching and participating in life from the view of the Sublime.

In harmony, Shirlee Hall 6-2-14

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