Earth Day


The statue sits on my living-room bookcase. I placed a light weight very old world globe in the hands because it is what we personally need to do.   It reminds me of what would happen in consciousness if more of us would focus on one idea: the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  It is up to us to succeed inwardly and outwardly.    We must be workers who are unafraid and use our minds and hearts in the service of peace on Earth. Let us expand our commitment and consciously live for a divine ideal.

Earth and all her life is struggling to evolve. We are the 'cause' of what materializes.  Ask Cosmic Intelligence to help us grow and improve.  In the process, we do our part by genuinely loving and caring for our precious Earth and her variety of life by expanding, little by little, our own Light. Let us together open the way for a genuine respect and healing for all life.
From my heart to yours,

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