What you feel is true for you is important.  For the major part of my life, people have come to me for spiritual counseling and with a genuine hope for healing of self or others.  The Evidence stands.  I have learned that feelings count in ways far more intricate than most  imagine.

Yes, we live in what many consider non-reality but to those who are in the flesh to be physically alive are very real.  What happens to us is felt, stored and influences our lives in the present and far into the future.  For departed souls who linger in the lower subtle realms of light close to earth, personal experiences remain a reality.  It is only when we are truly enlightened that we awaken to a loftier reality and at the same time respect what transpires in the world of matter.  The sweet part is that a great compassion fills one with understanding and it is realized that everything matters whether we are in the flesh or spirit form.

Because everything that personally happens to us is felt and recorded, it is real until we decide to delete the memory or the journey ends and we no longer enter density.  The reality of our experiences creates our future.  We can face and through the power of love remove, heal and recreate that which was accepted in ignorance.

When we physically die, consciousness remains the same on the 'other side' whether you wish to believe this or not.  I have had many souls through the years contact me after physical death asking for a closure in their lives, a healing, or to express a desire to contact a physical loved one with a message. Many are sorry for choices made in the body; others simply wish to express and ongoing love or a desire never expressed to their loved ones. For instance, a young father who had committed suicide was deeply sorry and asked to relay the message to his wife and friends.  Another quick example.  In my mother's last years, I would drive her to her medical appointments.  She would frequently ask me who would drive me later in life.  I reassured her not to worry.  It is very rare for me to visit a doctor's office.  Ironically, I did decide to have a physical the year after mom died.  I drove alone.  But, I wasn't alone in the doctor's office!  As I waiting for the doctor to step in the room, a movement caught my attention.  Mom in her body of light with bursts of purple dancing around her was lovingly sitting on a chair over in the corner.  She didn't want me to be alone.  I couldn't help crying.  I did get myself under emotional control before the internist stepped into the room.

The point being made is that everything matters and much of it remains unfinished business.  Love is our essence, true energy, although the subconscious rules when we are not fully awakened to our spiritual identity as love vibrating in form.  Everyone and everything has feelings.  Some are simply suppressed for one reason or another.  It is best to never judge the feeling nature by appearances.

The pain of the past needs to be cleared, cleaned, removed or whatever term best fits the situation.  If not, the influence continues whether we live in the flesh or in the subtle body of light.  We always have a choice to drag the cleansing process on or simply love our true and spiritual identity and vibrate as that understanding.  If we have not learned to genuinely love who we are, we are short changed.  Consciousness is consciousness wherever it happens to reside.  The positive part is that patterns can be changed through a genuine compassion for self and others, which is another form of love. An authentic connection with the higher Reality automatically brings the mundane and the marvelous together as one cohesive unit of light.  This is a true miracle.

Shirlee Hall

If you are interested in firsthand miracles and marvels, feel free to visit my new blog where I post a personal healing story each weekend.    www.ongoingmiracles.blogspot.com

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