Be ready…timing is everything.  How are we ready?  We must count on ourselves, the real Self within.  It is this individual spirit that loves us and has the power to heal, calm, console us and give us the means to rebuild ourselves.  We can lose everything in our outward life, everything except our true self, our amazing spirit.  This spirit is the most precious possession we have.  It is the only certainty.  In the world of third density, we can lose everything but are companion remains.  We will always be with our holy Self, inseparable. Whether in a physical or spiritual form, no one can take who we are away from us.  We can be certain of this truth.


What we are inseparable from is ourselves, our consciousness.  Everything else is uncertain.  Our consciousness is divine.  We have natural capacities from the Creator. We are given opportunities to put them to work.  Many have ‘heavenly’ experiences. The question is are you resolved to put your experiences to good use?  Nurture a high ideal in your heart that will give you the purpose to put a plan into use for the good.  Stop denying your link to the Divine!  Each day can be a blessing if we accept our identity as spirit temporarily using a form. We have within us everything we need to face every situation in life.  Consciously work in your inner laboratory and find and use all the elements to become fully alive by regenerating yourselves.


We attain saintliness when we attain in full consciousness.  In order to appreciate the Light, it is necessary to have conquered the darkness.  Our knowledge of the Light will be enriched by our knowledge of the darkness.  Why wait and do nothing?  I understand that maturity and timing need to be right.  When they are…act! Realize the fact that everything you need you already have in your possession.  Why continue to wait and do nothing.  I am speaking of the God-given riches within. All of us have an immense laboratory we can call our own. This laboratory contains everything we need for our physical, psychic and spiritual development.  It is up to us to acquire and develop the awareness of our riches and powers and use them for good.  Go deep within and stop being a robot. Riches are yet to be discovered. They are love, wisdom, gentleness, goodness, peace, inspiration, purity and gratitude.




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