We are actually inseparable from our True Nature.  Many souls are trapped into believing separation has taken place and that there is some place or level we must return to in order to be liberated.  Not so.  All we need to do is to genuinely wake up and be aware.  A simple reality and yet, we make it complicated.  Yes, consciousness is momentarily appearing as phenomena but the body-mind is not a permanent covering.  The ideal is to activate the higher consciousness, our true Nature, in the temporary body-mind and live in matter consciously uniting spirit and phenomena as one unit of harmonious awareness.
Throughout history, humans have been programmed, conditioned and mesmerized by false teaching promoting the idea of separation and bondage.   Not so.  It is a lie!  It is time to erase the confusing programming regarding what constitutes true identity.  Understand and liberate your Self from concepts.  Go beyond the intellect and awaken to a firm intuitive conviction as to what you actually are.   Intuitively realize how simple this is.  Truth is beyond the intellect.
Being born with the gift of inner sight and able to inwardly ‘see’ the reality behind appearance is obviously a blessing.  At the same time, you do not need spiritual eyesight in order to open your mind to wiser possibilities that will lead and eventually return you to pure awareness.  It does require a surrender of the intellect and the nonsense that you have accepted as truth.  Allow the highest part of your consciousness to help you discern the false as false.  It is then that the light of your consciousness becomes vibrantly alive in a reality that is true.
Focus on your highest consciousness, which is Pure Awareness expressing in matter.   Put doubt aside and accept that you have been fooled by concepts.  In an unexpected and spontaneous moment, you will finally realize an amazing truth you have consciously forgotten.   You are what you have been seeking.
In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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