How can we bring forth the Light and make practical use of it?  Think of your body as a generator.  A generator that has a great Creative Radiant Principle flowing through it.  Imagine this Principle as the expression of all power.  Envision and know as your truth that this powerful electric generator, your body, will collect and magnify energy until you send it out as a stream of pure white light. Nothing will be able to resist this power, and anything directed toward you cannot harm you.  If someone attempts to resist your pure intention, they will only harm themselves.  There is nothing for you to fear.  When another realizes that it is to his best interest not to resist the light, the light will pour its healing balm through him as well as you.

God’s Light of pure love is the highest vibration.  There is nothing that can harm us unless we resist that perfect vibration. Vibration is life.  Stop thinking you are separate from God.  The only separation is the resistance that causes the in-harmony.  This fact is true for all of us.


When we do unite with God, nothing is impossible.  The Holy Spirit becomes our best friend.  I do not say this lightly.  It has and is my life experience. Yes, I have moments of lapses and so will you but at least we are aware and deeply appreciate this opportunity to step forward, out of the ongoing turmoil all over the world, into a space of great peace and surprisingly unexpected blessings.  Our light increases.   Think about it.  How can God-energy get into expression except through man?  Nature and other creatures are amazingly wonderful, but I am talking about vibration.  At the moment, there is no other live organism on this whole earth that we know about that can vibrate at the same rate or frequency; and in consequence, so highly organized that it does perceive, then generate and transform supreme energy, which enables us to express the sacred right here in matter.  Imagine what life would be like if everyone did this as a result of achieving a highly organized and perfected body which is the result achieved when we are in full control of that body.

Carefully monitor your feelings and don’t allow negativity to enter. This is a huge challenge as a result of our being steeped in social media, other people and influences. Instead, do your best to be positive and poised within. There is a law of thought and it becomes our reality. Therefore, we must be vigilant about how we feel and think. The goal is to draw to ourselves the power of good. The more attentive we are in this understanding and application, the more our feelings and thought are permeated by the light of truth and love. Respect and call on the inner Voice, Intelligence and ask it to guide you. It will. Stop doing what is typically done…keep seeing the negative. Allow a greater Power to step in and be open to receive it. The goal is to consciously develop a spiritual thought force. This is the only real power in the Universe. Why allow your feelings to be hurt? Be above all that. We can learn to control our thoughts and feelings.

COMPLACENCY…We cannot afford to be complacent.  This pattern of confusion is the cause for both human intelligence and institutions to become disconnected.  The hope found in a vision is lost and give up on themselves and fall into the nonsense of following the crowd. It is then that corruptive patterns are adopted that are usually self-destructive.  Everything is energy.  If you shut it off in one area, it will move to another. For instance, if greed takes over a very hostile environment is created. The ideal is move away from bondage of any form.  This requires intelligence and effort understanding and applying the law of cause and effect. Crime, violence, drugs are all forms of self-hate. Today, children are being taught from kindergarten upward that what we cause to happen will create an effect.  As adults, we need to learn this lesson as well and stop being complacent.

To help us gain conscious mastery, remind yourself of your original pristine purity. Back of our form is pure crystal,; white light emanations. It has come forth from pure white light, it is formed of pure white light. Therefore, we are pure white light.
Pure white light is God life. Through man the pure rays of God Life emanate or manifest. The more we imagine and meditate on this truth, the vision will take life because we are consciously united with it. We become one with it. The pure white light is sacred as is the God of us


Is fast approaching a great reconstructive moment.  All things that seem so stable and well-founded now will soon be immersed in a state of inversion. Every tree that has not been planted by Truth will be uprooted.  There is approaching a complete cosmic overthrow of the present social, political, financial, and religious institutions that will make room for the placing of the new era in order that humanity may come in closer touch with that which is and was established before the present human consciousness submerged and set it aside.  Truth waits on with attentive, loving, and radiant beneficence until man will see that he can embrace and become the consciousness of that which has always existed.

DELUSIONS, traditions, and superstitions are nearing the end. We are ready to move out of an infantile consciousness. There will arise a new and more vitalizing consciousness, fully awake and ready to erase the false idols.

FALSITY...All the preconceived ideas must go.  There is something looming on the horizon, a clearer vision and more definite perception, deeper revelation is beginning to be understood.  That emanation is the One Life that is in all and through all.

Another cycle of spirit is dawning for the whole world.  Another age of the Crystal Race is coming up out of the maelstrom.


Another name for God, Father, Creator, Principle is the great Cause.  Cause created everything including you and me.  We were not to be in any bondage to any mortal concept.  We were to be the children, the perfect ideal who had the same power and dominion as our Father.  Imagine how life would be if we had remained with the Plan. For this ideal to be our reality, we need to cooperate with Cause-God-Lord of our Being.   What we were designed to cooperate with was the Divine Creative Will. If we had stayed with the 'plan', we would not have had any need for any substitute such as graven images. Hate and a sense of separation would never had appeared.  The original purpose was for us to unite consciously in our thoughts, emotions, and actions with Cause, our creator.  The 'we' I am talking about is not the physical body but our finer, perfect form and image that existed well before humanity appeared in matter. All of us have this perfect image.  This is the temple of God that belongs to us and is complete. If we understood this truth and loved what we are, our temporary physical form would think, feel, and act in a very magnificent way.  When more of us accept this true image, Cause, and recognize and honor it behind all life, imagine how amazing we would be as the fullness of light and love right here in matter.


Cause is the Directive Principle, what we fondly refer to as our Father and Mother God.  If we would keep our eyes always focused upon the Cause, our ideal and purpose cannot diminish.  Another way of understanding this truth is to imagine yourself as a glorious being of exquisite beauty and light. I have mentioned my own experience in being shown my true spiritual identity in a couple of published books. It is a shocking, revealing, loving and very insightful experience. If more people would have this revelation no one could ever hurt, destroy, kill, steal, bear false witness, covet, fear or do anything that harms because it would be realized as outrageously wrong. Cause which is another term for God is what exists behind all creation.  All of us regardless of appearance have that which is perfect and truly ours.  It is time to remember.

By holding yourself one with the Cause you have that which is perfect and is truly yours. When this is understood, we finally realize that, the Christ, the perfect, the Directive Principle, the Spirit, or whatever name is familiar to you is the true nature of what you were prior to ever putting on a physical body. Cause is one of many names for God, Father, the spirit within, Cosmic Mind and others. What we all need to realize is that right now we are full and complete. The holiness within must be recognized, loved and honored. It is then we feel fulfilled, peaceful, and we choose to live and hold a true ideal and accepting our amazing spiritual identity. This is the I AM always within us.


What does this mean?  It only makes sense that we diligently take care of our physical form if we desire to be the best version of our self.  This implies believing and living consciously an ideal where we, too, can be spiritually fully awakened, an anointed being, who is genuine and lives the higher teaching of love, light, and wisdom.  By our thoughts, words, and actions, we build a temple within for the I AM, the spirit of us, to dwell. It is completely up to us to be the builder.  When we hold to a true ideal, we will hear our own inner God-voice.  The revelation of that voice supplies comfort, inspiration, and guidance in all that we do.  The question is: do you wish to progress.  If so, you must work and stick to it. Yes, we, too, can become divinely awakened because we already have the I AM within.  The challenge is to remember, live and be it consciously.


We always have a choice regarding our spiritual growth. There is a divine ideal. We are totally free to choose.  Using a physical body, we do have divinity projecting into all our cells.  If our thinking is perverted, the energy is weak and ineffective, and illness eventually takes over.  The weakened human still has a higher self but as the result of ongoing neglect it is inactive.  We must have faith that it is there.  This knowing is a blessing particularly when we are thankful. The more we realize that our higher Self is Spirit and Spirit is God, the greater is our care and respect toward the cover we wear, the physical body. We are always free to choose. When we align our will and desire with order, which is peace, we immerse our self in beauty, power and remain standing in the Light. Meditate only upon the true desire of your heart and it will take visible and tangible form.


Live true in the present and the future will reflect what the present has been. Why not make the present as perfect as possible? With confidence, we will know that our future will be in complete accord with our consciousness.  This means we make certain we live in the present and not fall back into the events of the past dwelling on the good old times.  It also means we do not get caught up in dwelling solely on the hopes of the future.  Focus on the present. Let us do our best to make the present perfect.  It stands to reason that the future will reflect perfection.  Live consciously and bring forth the consciousness of the perfect future.  If we live with this understanding, there is no concern for the future.


We must see our self as God…one with all that God is. It is then that we can really accomplish.  I am referring to our subtle-finer self, the higher spiritual body that vibrates at a much higher rate than the physical.  Yet, we really don’t have two bodies. Once we understand, accept, and believe in the higher vibratory version of who we are, the Christ part, it will merge with the typical and visible physical part.  They will merge with both representing the Christ. The next step is then to understand and claim that Source, Cause, God the Father without fear or hesitation or any sense of limitation than if I am God’s child, I am also God.  This is what is meant by merging wholly or amalgamating with God.  What are we merging with? We are merging with pure love, wisdom, understanding, substance, and every attribute of God the Father, the Source, the Principle.  Nothing is impossible. The Holy Spirit and the other descriptive words for our Creator is us.  We have been programmed by falsity to believe otherwise.


There is only one-way God can appear. It is by appearing and working through us.  Yes, you and me. What other organism is there on this whole earth that has the possibilities and the attributes that can vibrate at very high frequencies and in sequence and so highly organized that when we reach the heights in consciousness we can perceive, then generate, transform and consciously send forth a supreme energy?  The God-sublime energy can express as us when we have gained control of our mind and body. Everything is choice.  We can gain mastery by gaining control of our animal nature and choosing to live in perfect harmony.


Imagine if all humanity extended its vision and chose to perceive the truth of self and accepted that there is a higher and better life for us than the round of mundane experiences.  We would need high ideas, a right-used path, choose harmony and live with a true accord. When we choose to activate the highest ideals we can present, we become successful generators of love.  The starting point is right within our body. We must recognize the power of spiritual light and let it in.  Then, we can send it out to where needed as pure light, beams or rays, and do our part to bring peace on earth and goodwill toward others.


Yes, there is a motto.  We must consciously recognize our role as a divine being who already has God power all around and in us that can be generated, transformed and sent out.  We are one and already have the inner ability to use the great healing ray to remove discord and in-harmony.   Our true home is the I AM.  This is the Light.  Let us recognize this truth, live it and spread it wherever we go mentally or physically


Truth existed before consciousness began, is eternal although humanity thinks it is changeable and inconstant.  That which humanity thinks about is changeable and inconstant and taken as truth to humanity.  Eventually, when the original Law of Truth comes to consciousness, it will erase all that humanity has ever thought erroneously.

Slowly through time, evolution lifts the veil and the mind of humanity reverts to Truth, the original cosmic fact. Creatures on earth are always changing but eventually Cosmic Absolute Law will be fully satisfied.

The cycle we have been in is fast closing in which the blind of the whole race have led the blind into ignorance, superstition, and delusion created by those who believe as human beings think, rather than that which is true and real.


The civilization that has risen, what we are experiencing now, is based on the delusions and superstitions of the closing centuries.  Humanity has been submerged in moral-spiritual ignorance.  Through the pain and tragedy of the misappropriated creations, a new race consciousness is being conceived during our present time and is fast evolving.  As you read and hear the news and perhaps are experiencing the changes, keep in mind that a door is opening wide for a new birth.


Civilization today is manifesting a great reconstructive moment. Through ongoing wars, strife, discord, and death everywhere, much that is familiar is being wiped out. This is happening to give humanity another chance. A great reconstructive moment is in process.  You might as well let go because a complete cosmic overthrow of the present social, political, financial, and religious institutions will now make room for the placing of the new era in order that humanity may come in closer touch with that which is and was established before the present human consciousness submerged and set it aside.  Truth is waiting for us to embrace and become the consciousness of that which has always existed.









What is needed are souls who will step forward and erase the untruths.  To do that, we need to be consciously connected to the Absolute. When we are, a new and more vitalizing consciousness will remove the false idols and make room for new ideals which are as old as the dawn of creation.  It will be demanding for those who desire to teach, lead, or inspire.  We will be required to do it from a plane of actual living contact, so high there can be no mistake or contradiction.  The suggestions must be so simple that it cannot be misunderstood.  The awakening tiger of higher intelligence and spirituality will refuse to sleep again.  It will demand a stronger and more vital thought with instruction based upon Truth itself.  The old must go.


What is needed is a clearer vision and more definite perception and a deeper revelation emanating out of all races and all people.  That emanation is the One Life that is in all and through all.  Another cycle of spirit is dawning for the whole world.  Another age, clear as a crystal, is coming up out of the maelstrom. We will find God the same as God was before human consciousness began to manifest and twist things around.  A great new race of thinkers that will sweep away the debris of delusion.  There will be a new race-consciousness. Delusion will be swept away.


We need to understand the importance of vibrations.  We have the power to amplify and send out good vibrations such as brotherhood, love, even abundance and much, much more. The vibrations can be sent out in joy and amplified surrounding others also including ourselves. By understanding that this action is good what is needed will be set into activity.  There is a vast sea of creative, unlimited, moving space crystal clear and it is completely full of vibrating, emanating energy.  We need to give or put into the energy the proper vibratory influence.  Ask Spirit to take control.  Forget that you are not worthy.  You are.  Dismiss the thought that money thoughts are not spiritual.  They are spirit and can help you successfully reach more people.  Spirit penetrates every atom of the so-called physical and all substance. The force of our thoughts creates a mold for our dreams. We are the projector and coordinator of these various patterns that substance assumes.


There is only one issue upon which humanity stands or falls.  There is but one choice, one purpose, one truth and one science; and this makes us free. We either awaken and become consciously one with God or continue to be bewildered, suffering, incomplete humans.  It is our choice.


When we finally choose to fully connect with our Creator, the One, the vibrations of our body will change from the typical human to the God Light and Presence.  What we focus on, what we idealize, we become. This is true for all humanity.


To make God alive as you is a divine science.  As outrageous as this may sound to some, it is an ancient truth.  We are that which we love. We must think and know that we are God. I’m not speaking about the covering we see in the mirror.  It is the divine spark that is the life of the covering. We need to think, live, move, and become one with this vibration.  What we worship and love, we eventually become one with it. This becomes the motivating force of our whole life. What is happening is our rediscovering our true spiritual identity right here in matter.  God is right within and active patiently waiting for us to remember.


Do you ever wonder why you and others cling to the lesser rather than aspire to the greater?  The great Cause, another name for our Creator can fully integrate with our sense of being, a oneness, and we would then be free of any bondage.  Why not speak, act, and be using the God power we were born with?  Instead, humans commonly create false gods.  The purpose of life is to amalgamate, consciously unite, with our Creator.  Behind our physical form, there is a perfect form and image that is a temple which some refer to as Cause.  Why not accept this image instead of the false ones, honor it as a Directive Principle, knowing it as Father and Mother and are lives would be greater because of our understanding.


What humanity has collectively chosen is a cover up.  If we understood our true nature and kept our mind fixed on it, that we are a child of God, we wouldn’t bow down to false things. We would be love in action. Accepting the true spiritual identity behind the physical form, we would not wish to hurt, destroy or kill.  We would treat others like we would like to be treated because they are loved by Cause-God just as we are.  We would not steal because we would understand that we are stealing from ourselves.  We are one whether we accept this truth or not. Understanding Cause as us, we wouldn’t covet or fear.  You see, Cause, God, will speak through us because it is us.   It is impossible to describe God yet; we are told that man has the possibility to become the Christ of God.  This means we can consciously be the image and likeness; the source and I are ONE.


What is absolute spiritual vision?  It is here when we recognize it.  It is here now, full and complete. We must be conscious that we are working in accord with God’s conscious and never-failing law.  It is vital we understand and live peace. We also need to analyze the meaning of ‘Build me a temple within’.  It is there that God dwells.  It is a true temple of peace where our spiritual source lives.  Do you have a true ideal and are you nourishing it? All of us have an inner God-voice.  If we wish to progress, we must work and stick to it, never falter nor throw the ideal away. We are the ones who must love, know, see, cooperate with the Source within.

HARD TO BELIEVE AT TIMES but we have a divine spirit, an amazing intelligence within. This Higher Self must be thought of, pondered over, worshiped, and blessed as being right within all of us. First, there must be faith that it is there.


Do you ever consider the reason as to why you suffer discord, sin, or sickness is because that energy is somewhere in your mind and you are focusing on it?  What we focus on, we actually bring into existence. Now, if we viewed ourselves as a wise, intelligent and loving spirit who is having a temporary experience in matter life could be quite different.


If we would periodically during the day visualize ourselves standing in the light, we would attract more of the light to us. The same with the mind.  Only allow to pass through your mind the image you desire, which is Truth.  Meditate only upon the true desire of your heart.  This serves another purpose as well.  The true desire is less likely to harm another.  It will take earthly form and be yours. This is the law through which we bring forth our heart's desire. By guarding the gate of our mind, we create a genuine peace which is order.  Everyone needs peace.


Let go of the burden then the burden does not exist. The greater our awareness of our spiritual identity, the less we experience a burden.  Why? We are 'resting' in the knowledge of our I Am Self.  When we consciously live from the viewpoint of the Higher Self we hit the center of the target.


It is said that if any two unite their spiritual force, they can conquer the world, even though singly they can do nothing.  Guess what?  These two are God and you, united in one purpose.  If others will unite with you with the same sincerity of purpose, your power becomes greater as the square of the number of persons. The power increases four-fold.


Understand and accept that the source of all knowledge, the spirit of all knowledge, the understanding truth is latent within you.  Why seek the higher knowledge from without, as God the Universal Spirit is within?  Through this understanding, you call upon this principle when you accomplish any one thing, you know that the god within is the greatest of teachers.  This is not a personal god, but an all-inclusive God within you.  There is not an atom of space that does not have the emanating energy of light and life flowing through it.


Understanding what our conscious purpose is underlies everything. Remember what Solomon said?  He asked that the foundation of understanding be given to him and that an understanding heart be his.  His request gave him wisdom and led to power and he became king.  He shared his accomplishments with his people and used them for their benefit. I Kings 4:29-32.  Solomon was king over himself.  Therefore, I mention him because it would behoove us to do likewise.


If we desire heaven on earth, each one of us needs to make it so.  Eons ago, there was a race that inhabited the earth that reigned with God as a living force within them.  Such a race will again inhabit this earth.  Heaven is here, if each human unit will but make it so.


How do you remove it?  Remove the cause or substitute it by a higher condition and the lower condition is erased. In other words, elevate the vibrations of your body above those which allowed Karma to exist. We are not always aware of the cause of the karma we created.  In that case, the solution is the same...raise your vibrations. This requires changing our thoughts.  Manifestations take form as they are conceived in thought, word, or action, according to our belief.


Accomplishment doesn’t come after death.  We do our maturing, expanding of consciousness right here in the body.  We can achieve peace, harmony, beauty and perfection right now.  We will continue as a race consciousness to have ongoing setbacks if we don’t take responsibility and work out our own problems in this earthly experience instead of adding layer upon layer of a shell of ignorance hiding our true self, the spirit within.  Until individually we do break the shell and release the ignorance, our Higher Self will continue to be ground in the same vortex.


Instead of depending on another to solve your problems why not use your own free will, thought and pure intention to prove for yourself that God is divine, and you are a child of Light.  The true Light is within all of us.  True perception will reveal this to you. We are designed to live a harmonious and rich life, not the nonsense that humanity keeps repeating.  There is a key to experience the higher love and it is within your own soul.  We can discover the inner treasure here and now or we can go on and plow through materiality on its network of roads, thoughts, until finally we reach the same central white Light which is divine within regardless of race, creed, or religion.  Self-discovery is finally attained.


Refuse to give in to the ignorance and pain often felt during the normal trials of life.  Be open to a higher understanding where you realize that the adversary is a friend.  Why is this so?  An adversary regardless of form compels us to mature through seeking something far grander than the ignorance often experienced.  We gain strength through our challenges and finally align ourselves consciously with God Power.  Understanding the importance of this alignment, more of the divine is released within us.


People are accustomed to outer show and display and as a result they usually are unaware and cannot imagine any great work being done in a quiet, simple manner.  If we would stop and think a moment, we will realize that all the motivating forces of the Universe are silent and those who work consciously with these forces move according to motives.  There is a time soon coming, however, when we will work more openly, but that will be when there are enough illumined people to know and understand just what they are doing.


Have you noticed how silent influences working underneath the surface of your own being don’t usually show themselves outwardly until we feel the environment harmonizes with them? Then, we feel free to express ourselves.  There is a universal work going on underneath the surface all the time.  We are so accustomed to noise and display and the world about us that the silent and secret higher work of the Light goes unnoticed.  If you are consciously working constructively either openly or silently for peace, you are part of the great Brotherhood of souls who understand that true miracles are always worked out in silence first.


To become the best version of your Self right here in matter, we must live our lives aligned with the secret power of our Spirit Self and embody the characteristics which it possesses.  Think about this deeply and it will become perfectly clear. We are required to use mind action, focused thoughts, which activate all conditions. We can become humanly a master if we understand and apply this secret focusing on the spiritual plane.


Imagine if we rose above every difficulty by lifting a challenge immediately to the spiritual level.  When we have this attitude, the issue or the ideal we seek is already accomplished.  Solving challenges does not need to be a long and arduous process. I’m not talking about denying any condition but lifting the issue to a higher ground, the True Spiritual Condition.  Learn to live always in Spirit.  Spirit and Mind are synonymous.  They are one and the same in vibratory influence.  Mind is far more than our everyday thoughts. Mind is consciousness, for mind and consciousness are inseparable. The healing attitude is to train ourselves to live in a state of Spiritual Consciousness.


Consciousness directs.  It steps up the emanations of mind to its true state.   Scientists today look at the underlying cause of all things in a similar way.  The source is energy identical with Spirit. what it is doing. This all-pervading, creative energy back of all things is aware of itself, aware of what it is doing, aware of how to do it, and we call it Spirit or God.  It is present, powerful and wise.   Mind, principle, when recognized and accepted as our consciousness becomes dynamic the moment, we focus thought upon I AM.  The I AM is our true existence


I AM was God to Moses.  To the Hindus it is AUM, which means the same.  Likewise, to the Aryans it is AUM.  The Chinese use it as TAU.  The power is always within us and it works according to the direction given it.  But, back of it all is the controlling force of the Universe and that which I am individually must be one with the I AM which is universal.  Perfect accord must exist between cause and effect for the movement of the cause is the life of the effect.  We have great potential. For us to effectively be liberated from ignorance, we must step aside from our sense of incompleteness and imperfection to accept the Facts.  We need to free our mind from all duality.

"Aryan" has its roots as a term used as a self-designation by Indo-Iranian people. The term was used by the Indo-Aryan people of the Vedic period in Ancient India as a religious label for themselves and as well as the geographic region known as Āryāvarta, where Indo-Aryan culture is based. Wikipedia


The human mind thinks, the God Mind KNOWS. The bottom line is that we are not really living until we consciously function in harmony with Source. No matter what we go through or seem to be going through, we remain the I AM in the original sense which is the Image and Likeness of God.


Spiritual facts demonstrate to us that they transcend all sense of limitation.  Spirit, our true Self, takes no account of evil, of loss, lack, poverty, disease.  These are considered blind spots in human consciousness. To the mind that KNOWS, there are no such things and it goes right on with that which it KNOWS and IS.  Example: Healing and so-called demonstrations are not bringing something into being but are an awakening to that state which has already prevailed in fact.


We do not have to spend long years in meditation to become harmonious.  The instant we become silent we are one with harmony or accord. In the silence, we progress, the attitude of thought changes from turmoil to harmony and we raise our body’s vibration to the vibration where strife does not exist. Accept this truth and you will experience this more readily.


It is an established fact that we are one with the Father. Many have revealed that we don’t have to struggle to gain that feeling.  All we must do is accept it.  Therefore, it is so important and healing that large groups of people sit in complete silence to help catastrophic situations.  The influence that is radiated out from different groups and different centers offer a great service that is picked up on the spiritual plane. In the quiet and oneness, we contact the plane of harmonious thought and the spiritual influence which permeates all time and space.


Let us stop separating everything concerning Mind.  In the West we have clung to the idea of the conscious and subconscious mind.  Why not focus on the ONE MIND?  We can call the One Mind which is another way of saying Cause, God, Spirit or any of the other popular names used to denote the Creator as the Superconscious.  That is where we bring the conscious and subconscious into accord.  We are then conscious of the whole.  The Superconscious is complete consciousness with no division. The complete consciousness is always here and always present.  If more people were wholly at one with Mind, we  would naturally use the creative energy for higher and greater purposes.


A deep thought…There is no discord in the natural order of the Universe.  All discord is OUR reaction to that which we imagine to be wrong or out of its rightful place.  It is only to the degree that we are not in tune with things as they are in Fact that there is discord in our own nature.  To prevent this discord, we must harmonize with the spiritual reality back of all appearance. Looking at what is happening all over the world is clearly showing us the mixed thought of the mind of people.  One day all will be harmonized as we progress toward a common goal.


Is there a short cut to spiritual attainment?  Do we need to do a lot of overcoming before we can reach a genuine spiritual estate?  No.  What we must do is accept our spiritual estate, our spiritual identity, the I AM, and this acceptance is an illumined state, the overcoming.  Simple but is the most difficult step to take forgiving our self and believing and accepting our self -worth and true spiritual identity.


The so-called subconscious mind is but a reactionary phase of mind to intellectual thought that has cut off a person from the natural activity of Universal thought.  In other words, instead of putting emphasis on the subconscious and its contents focus your attention only on the radiant consciousness of reality.  This way you will only receive a stream of uninterrupted luminous thought. Many of us have offered or been actively involved in subconscious healing workshops.  The true healing occurs when we accept the Oneness in all things and build individual power and presence as our conscious reality.  In other words, what has value is the conscious union with the One and not the delusion we experience as memories in the duality of physical life.


In the area of enlightenment, balance, love and wisdom if we want something, we must become one with it.  That Is all. Our thoughts and feelings create everything first on higher vibratory planes then reflection occurs here on earth in the world of matter.


Too many people assume that prophesy always is correct and must happen.  Not so.  Prophecy is not inevitable. It doesn’t have to happen. Even scripture agrees with me.  Prophesy comes mostly from the established mental structure immediately surrounding the earth.  It is the projection of man’s limited thought.  False prophesy can be set aside. Anything negative can be set aside if enough of us deliberately bring in the light of love and wisdom.  Prophesies of destruction and calamity, limitation is like shadows that will vanish if enough souls look and focus higher into the realm of Spirit.  Do that and watch the darkness whether it be large or small vanish.


Our mind, body and soul can be a kingdom of heaven.  It is subject to the rulership, energy, of what we decree.  What we believe, talk about and focus on appears as results in our own being.  We are healthy, peaceful, beautiful, wise, loving and creative only if the higher or advanced energy is received and acted upon by us.  We produce the results in our body and lives by what we decree.  In other words, we receive what we have given. If you are yearning for an improvement in your life on any level, only entertain and promote harmony for all because what we send out on any level eventually returns to us.


When we understand that asking establishes what we ask for into an existence that we may not yet see, it behooves us to accept that it is already finished.  This may sound impractical if we don’t see the results, but it is a fact.  Perfection exists independent of both the opposites of health and disease. Perfection is our true body. Both health and disease are delusions because they are human concepts. If you desire to heal yourself or another let go of the false and identify fully with perfection. We have the power to establish perfection in us. To be your true Self, identify with reality and not deal with the delusion.  Let go of the opposites and put in their place the perfection.  Why not choose perfection always?  Do that and it will be established in you always.


You may be concerned strangely enough whether it is with the will of a person to be healed or not before saying a prayer. In other words, you may wonder about his karma and inner desires. Keep in mind that you are not working against another’s will in prayer if you work with perfection because perfection is our original innate state of being. Send your prayer on the Christ Right Ray and you will be presenting the ‘patients’ own innate, original perfection to him.  In this way, you are not dealing with anything but fact.  The innate will of everyone is for perfection whether they admit it or not.  Having said that, the patient has the choice of accepting or declining our projection. If more people would accept the manifestation of perfection, we would soon get out of medicine completely.  Our Word would heal.


“Be ye perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect,” is the correct standard of healing. Imagine if we would only see perfection regardless of any corrupted thought or actions around us. When we pray for self or another don’t argue with yourself about the consciousness level of what needs to be healed but get passed the hypnotism and focus on the Principle, the true essence, of the one in need of a healing.  When we pray with understanding we call forth and acknowledge only perfection. Perfection exists. We must train ourselves to accept it and to lift another to the plane of reality.  I am referring to our perceptive faculty being lifted. Perfection is already there as a fact.


Are you using right discrimination in the selection of words, so they convey or project into the world only that which conforms to your highest ideals? We need to train our mind to see through its veil of hypnotism and see through to the other side where all things are already perfect and in evidence.   It is all a matter of training the mind to SEE.


Consciousness is our state of awareness.  It is the capacity of the mind to know and its knowing determines our capacities along all lines. The goal is to raise our consciousness to the highest state of awareness.  The way we treat all levels of life is dependent on how much the veil is removed.  A balanced, loving and compassionate being is consciously connected to his or her highest consciousness always.  It appears as if there are subdivisions or levels but in truth there is only One. Subdivisions are symbols that originate from the ignorance in man. The goal is to strive for the complete Light without any subdivisions whatever.


The body is only a symbol of the soul who lives within the body. It is a symbol of the workings of consciousness.  Perhaps, it would be better if we did not divide our system into conscious, subconscious, and superconscious and understand ourselves as just one radiant living consciousness of reality. If we understood in this way, we would have complete freedom from symbols. I mention this because some people become so interested as an example in the psychic sense or the lower phases of consciousness that the true consciousness cannot manifest. The goal is to reach that state of Knowing or One Consciousness.  It is not reached through mediumship or any other form of hypnosis.


Pioneers regardless of the situation understand that they can sail beyond the unknown. Limitation does not exist.  They know without a doubt to meet a challenge all we must do is go beyond the limitations of opinions and find that no actual limitation existed at all.  “What appears exists not at all.” This is how a knower thinks. ‘ Why be hypnotized by the opinions held by others?  It is far more adventuresome to go beyond the illusion.  A good way to link with truth is to say to challenges, “Get behind me, limitation”, for there is no such thing.


Whether you have a serious problem or not try practicing the following before you go to bed and upon waking up. There is an easy way to be balanced and gain insight.  Declare before retiring for the night and beginning your day that you are one with perfection.  Let this be your mantra.  To “be still and know that I am God” lifts you into a state of mind where all good things give birth.  In the highest state is joy and the true emotional state of each of us. Too many have forgotten the state of Joy and Harmony and that is why they often feel separated from the highest. Train yourself away from the sense of strife and get back to your true state.


The important thing is to learn, whether when asleep or awake, to bridge this gap in consciousness wherein we hang onto a sense of human limitation.  Why continue to seek the lesser with the greater is ore easily available?  Why not train us and our children in the knowledge of realities and let the limitations and ignorance of the world alone?  All consciousness that is limiting is hypnotic to that degree. Most people have forgotten that they are a free powerful being.  The only limiting influence is the limitation of our own consciousness. To free the consciousness is to free the man.


The most difficult realization for a human is to consciously accept that behind the physical, emotional, and mental façade is holiness, a spirit, yes, God.  We generally only see and accept the surface appearance forgetting that the physical is a temporary costume we are wearing.  Now, in contrast, if we realize our true spiritual nature and see nothing but that Truth, only that any condition will heal instantly.  In treating yourself or another you see and declare only the eternal Unity with God.  That Light comes forth instantly for it is the true light and then we know that unity is in existence within ourselves and within everybody else.


We are not a physical organism.  Our inner work is finding the Self which is the God Self.  I know this is not easy at all particularly because we are confronted with nonsense a good part of the time. Commonly, people are thought of as physical and not what is back of the physical, the unseen, the inner Self, the real image and likeness of God. This true image is only glimpsed on occasion.  Cause and Effect are one. We don’t need to attain.  This is a bold statement because we are what we have trouble seeing and believing.  It is materiality that gets us into trouble. I am speaking of the ray of light that is universal as it is personal, a state of consciousness that is a pure manifestation of God.  Each of us is a ray.


Once we grasp how each of us are a ray of God Light it eliminates the theory that it is necessary to do any specific work on a part of the mind or body.  My attitude has always been that the Spirit is wiser than the thinking mind and knows exactly what needs to be done. The physical will fall into line as soon as we realize that fundamental Unity. We must reach this state of ‘knowing’ and the ‘knowing’ is above the conscious mind.


Have you ever considered that the practice of denial is an effective means of liberation into a perfect state?  Denial is supposed to erase from the mind or blot out of consciousness an experience or process that is not true and opposed to our seeking completion or oneness. Let’s use heredity as an example.  If you have a relative with a certain disease, usually a person feels that he or she will probably have the same issue.  I’ve heard quite a few people make this claim. They think the disease into their version of reality. What if you deny the thought and put it out of consideration altogether?  You won’t get the disease. In the higher reality of light, wisdom and love, there is no law of heredity.  Try putting perfection in the place of denial.  You will get quicker results. Simply release the condition. Free it entirely through non-attention. Dismiss it.


A different view from the norm is that there is no debt of Karma, that the Soul does not bring any of this through. Spiritual understanding takes no account of Karmic conditions or any imperfect condition. This thought ties in significantly with heredity. There are leading and better Universities in India making the statement today that there would be no appearance of what we call heredity if people would drop it out of their thought completely. This particularly holds true if you believe you will get a disease because a close relative has it. Thought is always the determining factor. Mistakes or patterns can be reversed by setting erroneous thoughts aside. Not everyone is successful because it does require our becoming in 'tune' with our Higher Spirit Self. Once we consciously attain or unfold the superconscious state of mind, there is nothing else. We must go beyond the limitations of unenlightened opinions.


All negative conditions and difficult problems can be corrected and solved if we would declare that we are one with perfection. You will find it very practical to ask yourself, when faced with problems or apparent negative conditions, what you would do if you were in Spiritual Consciousness.  We can get rid of the complexities of earthly living in this way.  It is just as simple as that.  To “be still and know that I am God”.  In other words, we are already one with perfection.  Accept this truth and benefit from it.


When you reach the top, you pull the stairs up with you.  Steps as humans teach and write about are but degrees to which we let go of falsity.  What would happen if we just let it all go meaning the falsity and to think our self there?  We would be there.


The thought should always be that “if another has achieved so also may I achieve, for what is potential in one is potential within all.”  This is how we reveal our true self. To see everyone as a spiritual being, is to instantly dissolve all differences.  This is the secret of the new order of things where peace and goodwill will be established in the earth.  Only is the sense of difference so blatantly showing itself in humanity today can the opposite occur. We are all made of the same essence.  The greater our realization of this truth the more expansive will be our consciousness.


We all have a job, so to speak.  The job is to work toward being the Self, for when the Self is honored and we live the highest version of our Self fully, we enter the realm of completion.  We then become very busy because this is only the beginning of our adventure.  We must accept our Divine self for it is the Savior of our own being. When we finally accept who we are it is opening the book of life and breaking the seals and our true spiritual identity emerges.


To be rid of disharmony let go of every thought of disharmony or separation. The thought of harmony returns us to the unity of Oneness. We can think ourselves so far out of harmony that sickness and disease and discordant conditions come about but they are only that which is out of harmony. When we have disharmonious thoughts we reduce the vibration of our bodies. Principle, love, truth and wisdom, is harmony. It takes no energy from our bodies to give out Service, Love, and Harmony but it does take energy from our bodies to give out discordant conditions or to give out negative thoughts and words. In contrast, all positive words or words of accord add energy to our bodies every instant that we are giving them out.


Did you know that if we flood someone with Love it may in an instant change his whole life?  This is not always easy if the person is negative but try it.  What you will be doing is placing a protection, an influence of the original state, energy, love in which he was created.  The consciousness of perfect love can absolutely change the whole aspect of a situation.  This practice is the greatest sincerity. Love is an attitude and will usually erase imperfection.  Pity won't do it for it always binds you closer to the imperfection.  Love heals.


Light surrounds and fills all space.  There is a very good saying regarding that in the Mahabharata: “When I see Light, I see all universality.”  Light is the vehicle that carries Universality into complete existence.  The universe is unlimited.  There is no limitation outside of the human concept.  Does the animal limit himself?  No.  It is only man that limits himself.


The moment we unlimit ourselves, it can be shown through photographic evidence that light emanates from every cell of our body.  Light, in the same way, emanates from every cell of the universe. Did you know that the Light and energy, which invigorates and fills the expanse of the Universe and the Universe of our body, is the Great Central Sun.  Cosmic means great; it is the whole of which man is a part.


Why continue to perpetuate ignorance?  We only isolate ourselves by ignorance and by perpetuating our own notions of separation. There is nothing in the attitude of the Divine, the Light, or whatever label we place to express the Creator.  The Creator’s goal, so to speak, is to fulfill and not exclude us from the blessings that are meant for us.  It is time that more of us eliminate our obstructions to the Divine purpose.


Ignorance is our only enemy. It is impossible for any of us to find peace and harmony so long as we are expecting everything and everybody to do for us what we alone can do for self.  How can anyone give us that which we already possess and cannot awaken in us that which we ourselves refuse to express. All the perfect ‘gifts’ we already have.  We need to accept this truth. To receive this power and presence is to become a living child of God.


We are the chemist and it is us that mixes within that which produces pain and pleasure.  We must learn to discriminate and refuse to let ourselves indulge in any mental or emotional reaction that dulls our sense of perfection.  It is our ignorance that causes us to forget our divinity.  It is that same ignorance that keeps us in bondage when there is no bondage.  We have to wake up to the fact that all of Infinity moves through us and our capacities are only measured by this fact.


The greatest doctrine of Christ was Love, for love is not only the fulfillment of all law but is the solution for every problem that arises in life. First, we must develop that inseparable union with the Infinite. Drop the thought out of your mind about imperfections and make your union with the Divine that is back of the outward mask.  Back of all things is Light.  Even our material scientists say that light is the foundation of all manifest form.  We have a body of light which includes the flesh. The law of the Universe is Love.  If we move in love, conscious union, and oneness with our Creator Source, we will not do anything that would violate this law.  All sense of bondage would disappear.by the lesser. We are finally healed when we come into the knowledge of things as they are.


Could you imagine a Master worrying about business? Would a Master gossip and hate or become jealous or angry?  Would he or she flinch at some task? Would a master gossip and hate and become jealous or angry? Would he flinch at some particular task? It is not necessary for us to sit long hours in Samadhi or go through mystical rites and religious forms to come into illumination.  Those who have achieved mastery have prepared the way.  Drop that little self which you seem to be and begin to live your life as you inherently feel you should live it and you will find that to be truly YOUR life. A Master looks within themselves to that Self which is the God within and that is why they are masters.  So long as we seek outside of our self that which is  found within, we will not find it.  A Master tells us that we must find the teacher within.


Drop the veil and we will see the light. Believe it or not, eventually we will see our self as a Master. The goal is to conduct our self as a Master. There is no one who teach us mastery nor is there anyone who can give us master-ship, for they are already ours. Practice is required. We must live as a Master lives, think as a Master thinks, act like a Master acts before we would know a Master if we were to meet one.

Just how do you think a Master would meet the situations you have to face every day? Try meeting your problems in that same way. How would a Master speak to those about him: Try speaking in the same way. What would a Master’s attitude be toward those about him? Try expressing the same attitude.


To become consciously our Higher Self requires determination.  Masters become masters of themselves first. Mastery over anger, jealousy, greed, egotism, possessions or any attempt to possess another.  We must practice daily that which we already know. Example: practice mastery over anger.  Practice the mastery of love toward everything.  Yes, it is a large order but with daily practice we will soon see results. It helps to be silent for at least some part of the day.  Don’t argue, it shuts the door. Keep an open mind and pay attention to your intuition and eventually you will master self.


If you sincerely want to help humanity, first realize the attributes in yourself before you go into the world and attempt to teach to others.  In other words, we must do our best to live the God life as an example and then everyone involved is a winner. Too many have one spiritual experience or even none and go out and begin preaching what they haven’t achieved themselves.


There are degrading forces that attempt to dim our light.  Remember when confronted with negativity that the Light vibrates way more than the psychic forces or degrading forces that oppose.  It is up to us who genuinely care to call upon the I AM to dispel darkness.   We must speak from our soul when we confront darkness.  A suggested statement: “I Am the force of Light and I project It and put it forth as all powerful.”   If we speak from the highest version of our self, the Higher Self, which is the real us at the center of our being, we are always successful.


If you want to know what the life of a master is like, live that life yourself.  Only in this way can we really know.  It is the spirit of God within which reveals.  The mind says only this or that is possible.  The soul knows itself to be immortal, to be the Master. I know that it isn’t easy to see ourselves in this way but it is truth.  If we humanly had complete devotion to an ideal, we would attain this understanding.  It is not wishing and hoping for things to be right, but persistently working toward the goal of perfection.


The main point of our spiritual journey is to gain mastership.  It is everyone’s possibility.  This state is not achieved through reading, study, or theorizing, but by living the life which the masters live. How do we do that?  Stop living a hypnotic life. We live under the delusion we are a mere human, living in a material world, and only hope is to escape it when we die and go to a place we call Heaven. Start being obedient to your inner nature, as you instinctively feel it ought to be expressed and you will live a true life.


What we need to claim and live is the reality of life that moves out from the very center of our being.  Remove or clarify your mind of world impressions and sit for periods of time in Silence.  It is in Silence where we clearly see.  The next step is to live in thought, word, and act that inner movement we have discerned within ourselves.  True mastery is living the instruction of the inner teacher, the inner self, and not seeking the opinions of the world.  Ask if something is really true.  Also, ask if you are being true to yourself.  In this way, you will instinctively know how to feel, and you will be living life from within out.


Mastership is bringing to the surface what is buried within.  As said many times, we succeed when we have daily deep meditations and consult the inner SELF.  Overcoming is all a matter of learning to drop all seeming conditions of mind, body, and affairs and start with the true idea that you are that Self which you inwardly long to be and so devote yourself to being that Self that everything else is put into perspective or forgotten. Once we find our true Self and have become that Self, we are a master and a world helper.  Right now, how much of your true Self have you discovered?  Train yourself to reject thoughts and impulses that do not spring from your innermost nature.  Spirit is Cause.  When we return to Cause, our Source, we become whole and sound. This means we are united in the great Unity. Our oneness is with the Universe. Keep your self in an attitude of love. Listen to the deepest facts of your own nature and obey. Be always true to the Self, live the life of the Self and you will be outwardly what you are inwardly. Your contact with a master is through the mastery in yourself.


Every negative word that you use, you betray the divine within yourself. Everything that you say, your voice and words, goes right into a band of vibratory frequency and it goes on and on. The path is right within. Search ever deeper within yourself.  Know that this great Light belongs to you. The statement: “I Am God”, frees you from the negative statement that you are not God.  It is better to state the truth than the untruth.  Begin by saying, “I can,” and then go right on to “I Am...”   I can’t be separated from God.  The mortal body is a hypnotic body.  The word “God” vibrates at the rate of one hundred and 86 billion beats a second.  Intone it and you will become that vibration.  I Am Divine, God I am!  What I am saying is that we have a Higher Self that is the creation and life of God right here in matter.  Don’t allow the name of our Creator to put your nose out of joint.  We owe our lives to the Source, One.


Humanity has made the greatest mistake by looking for God or trying to see God.  Why?  Because we are looking for what is already right within us.  I’m talking about humans sometimes using the word, God, with understanding and love, not as a swear word. When we use it in love and belief, we are setting up the greatest vibratory influence and it will manifest now.  Everything that is growing has that vibration naturally in it.  Understanding of this is right within us.  Keep the God energy alive and vibrating by pronouncing it silently or when alone, out loud.  Doing this will increase our frequency.

A fact of sixty years of scientific research: The word "God" vibrates at the rate of one hundred and eighty-six billion beats a second.


Many of our medical scientists today are saying that in the future man will live a hundred years longer than he does today.  Age is simply a state of consciousness and when we learn to let go of old age we will go on and on. Why not think of years or a year as a year of greater accomplishment, understanding and illumination.  It would be just that.   We can prove it by letting go of the old age, of limitation, and all negative thoughts, refusing to use them or accept them in our world.  I had the perfect example in my 97 year old mother who did not require any kind of assistance, mind was alert, walked quickly every day of her life and only left her body because she decided to.  If she could be alert and active at that age why not continue indefinitely?


Destruction is happening all over the planet.  Whose fault is it?  The destruction is what we put on ourselves.  The thoughts that pour out.  Earth and its life keep having very serious issues because the majority do not accept or know and do not understand their inner spiritual identity.  The moment we accept and know the truth of what we are and have always been, nobody can hold us back from us but ourselves.  We have a great power within the soul, but it is not set into motion because the wisdom and love are not accepted as ours.


From an orthodox point of view it is accepted on faith that there is a God, a divinity called the Father of man.  Science has found proof that will usually satisfy the rational mind. Scientific investigation has discovered that there is a Universal Force, Energy, a primal energy, pervading the entire universe and filling infinite space.   Today we are finding that the energy that that Principle manifests is greater than the atomic bomb.  That energy is all-in-all and it belongs to everyone, works with everybody, whether we realize it or not.  There is proof of the Divinity within each form. There is a vast reservoir of good that stands ready and waiting for our use at all times.  It is our responsibility but to tune into it, to become at one with it.  The name “God” is receptive to the greatest vibratory influence known today. When we use that name in its right meaning, we act upon all substance, every principle, all law and order. If more of us would use the right words, thoughts, actions, we can bring the peace and healing energy so sorely needed right now.  Everything happens now.


If we fully accepted our spiritual identity as being noble, pure and always Light nothing would limit us.  We would not fail or doubt.  What is needed is a singleness of purpose directing our thoughts.  With singleness we can move above fear or discordant conditions and live from a high level of accomplishment.  Eventually, thought itself brings something into visible form.  We must become like the suns of all solar systems and draw energy to ourselves so that greater energy can be given out.  I am speaking of the God Energy which is inexhaustible if we use it in the right way and in the right direction.  That is how we renew our body.  If that energy is without us, it is also within us.  Let more of us make ourselves a channel for the divine force.

What we call God is that Supreme Intelligent Power that permeates every form and every atom of the whole universe.  That Power is fully centralized in our individual form.  Once everyone sees and knows this, we will have equality, true love and peace on Earth and goodwill toward all.


Old age is objective.  We accomplish that ourselves.  But is it necessary?  Not at all.  Suppose that we could travel into space a enough distance so that we are completely away from this earth.  There is no time there.  Supposing we stay there for one hundred years as we count time.  We would be no older.  Many of us understand that the same condition can be brought directly to the earth.  Why not give thought to present youth, beauty, purity, and perfection?  These are ideals.  If we would make those ideals always foremost, we would change our conditions quickly.  Why not try it?


Divinity is already established within you.  It is always there but our thinking can cloud it.  Do you talk to that Divinity within?  Why not tell It that you know that It is there and that you have now become more aware of Its presence.  Ask It to come forth and be the dominating factor in your life. It is up to us to determine that we will evolve.  Repeating positive thoughts to yourself helps because you are presenting the subconscious or subjective mind truth.  You will experience the joy and satisfaction and a living divinity within sooner than you realize.  Why not build up a momentum of pure thought and educate the subjective part of the mind?   Soon you will learn how to automatically conquer all adverse thoughts.  The goal is mastery.


Do you positively know that your entire mind and body is the Temple of the Living God?   In fact, the entire universe is benefited and raised by every constructive thought, feeling, and spoken word sent out by you.   We have a tremendous privilege and opportunity in assisting in the uplifting and enlightenment of mankind.  What is more, it is our responsibility and our obligation to life to help erase or dissolve the negative in the world of humanity.  One of the most powerful ways to do this is by refusing to see, hear, or accept the negative.  It is surprising to me how so many people who believe they are on the ‘spiritual path’ are negatively expressing themselves in politics.   To transform the negative, we need to consciously send forth Divine Love to everyone and everything…  The Divine Spirit transcends discord.  If more who advocate love would do this, good changes would come about quickly.


If we genuinely care about all humanity, animals, plants, the environment, we have the tremendous privilege and opportunity to assist in the uplifting and enlightenment of mankind.  It becomes our obligation to life to help erase or dissolve the negative in the world of humanity.  One of the most powerful ways to do this is by refusing to see, hear, or accept the negative.  Instead, send forth Divine Love to everyone and everything.   Why not choose to let the good flow through us and not indulge in similar thoughts, words, and actions as those we commonly criticize?


A reminder of the power of your thoughts. The subconscious mind is the aggregate energy and intelligence of all the body cells. By our being positive in thought and projecting only good impressions, all the cells again become aware of their individual divinity. They will transmit this divinity or perfection throughout the body. Once this is thoroughly understood and put steadily in practice, the will force of each individual cell works in conscious harmony throughout the body. Understanding and applying this truth heals.


We only heal ourselves.   There have always been cases that have healed although medical measures could not heal.  People go to shrines and are healed is an excellent example.  In other words, it is their faith.  Personally, instead of focusing on what someone has told you is wrong, particularly the medical profession, focus on the light.    Put your whole thought and attention on the golden-white light.  Treat yourself and there will be no more disease.  Problem with typical person is that he or she keeps repeating statements declaring they have this disease or another.  If you are going to repeat, repeat a positive statement and just KNOW that you are healing.  Yes, take the position of knowing that you know.


Something very serious for all of us to think about.  Every known disease gives way to the power of love as we send it out. I’m talking about vibrations.  Love will build a remarkable picture or pattern around individuals.  It is like an armor.  I’m speaking of divine love and its power to do healing work.  This holds true for loving self or another.  Sometimes concern and fear erase any attempts at healing your self or another.  Try looking in the mirror when you are ill and say, “I love you and I love you so much that your illness has passed away; it is gone.  Fill that space with love.  Imagine your whole body as being full of love and see only the Light.  Please share your results.


As the immortal Gautama Buddha has said: “To give five minutes to the realization of true divine love is greater than to pass a thousand bowls of food to the needy because, in giving forth love, you help every soul in the universe.”  Another one of his sayings…” Use love, concentrate upon it, treat yourself with love morning, noon, and night. As you sit down to partake of your food, use love, think it, feel it, and your food will taste a lot better.”


Love is far the most important thing of all.  Pray for the understanding of love; meditate upon it daily. It casts our fear; it is the fulfillment of the law; it conquers multitudes of sins.  Love is abundantly invisible.  Love will conquer all.  There is no disease that enough love will not heal today.  No door that enough love will not open.  No gulf that enough love will not bridge.  No wall that enough love will not throw down.  No sin that enough love will not redeem.” – (from the Cloud of the Unknowing)


Everything is a vibration.  This means that if we want to do research and know something or use it all we need to do is tune into that vibration and make it our own. This is what inventors do. Everything at some time has been recorded in vibratory frequency.  Humans have been around much longer then they typically acknowledge. No spoken word goes out of existence. So, if everything is recorded, we can tap into it. Inventors know this.  We do know and have access to more than we consciously acknowledge. Thought you might want to mull this over.


The trouble with the masses of humanity today is that they are trying to become something that is already right within.  We are seeking and searching everywhere outside ourselves for God, attending lectures, meetings, groups; reading innumerable books; looking to teachers and personalities and leaders, when all the time God is right within.  If more people would let go of the trying and accept, they are, they will soon be perfectly aware of the Reality.


Know God within, always

Know and see the other the same as you see yourself

Know and accept the Divine truth of everyone

Know you are in control of atmospheric conditions, yes you are

Know you can master any situation if you knew you could

Know that animals pick up your feelings and thoughts

Know that every negative word we say takes energy from our body

Know and stop dwelling on negative physical conditions and they won’t register in your body.

Know that when we say, we can’t, we betray our Divinity

Know, love, and bless the body for its service, give praise and thanks for our blessings and do our best to BE.


The body is indestructible. We ourselves allow the body to be destroyed.  The very thoughts and feelings we impose upon the body are the creators of age, disease, and disintegration. It is well known today that every cell in our bodies is renewed in less than a year. The problem is that we put up the barrier of disbelief.


There are records of people who have gained mastery over old age and death.  Yes, many have accomplished this.  You and I can do this. Know we are the master of it, and we are.  Those who do this let go of all thought of birthdays, all thought of age, and look on the average around forty.


The truth will free us from any negative condition in which we may be involved.  We alone bring about those negative conditions and we alone can free ourselves from them by changing our thought. Humanity will evolve to greater and greater accomplishment as more individuals grasp the Truth.  We are just beginning to realize our possibilities.


Go directly within yourself to find God, the Supreme Intelligence.  When you do this whole-heartedly and finally accept and know that God is really you, the entire being of you, you will find every answer and you will be balanced and all-knowing. In that state of awakened consciousness, you will find that you are all things, know all things, and capable of giving out all things and that you are all Truth.


How much time does it take for us to accept our spiritual identity and be healed?  All transitions are determined by how much time we allow.  Allow an instant, a month or five years.  It is up to us.  Below is a beautiful prayer I borrowed that can be used to help us realize and rejoice in our spiritual self and help free us from every limitation.  “I thank you God for life and light abundant, full and free; for perfect abundance, wealth and power, and unhampered liberty.”


Repetitive thoughts impress themselves on or into our subconscious.  The subconscious thought reflects these thoughts back to us from the pictures we have presented to it, through the vibration that we have set up there.  The point I am attempting to make is that the subconscious is impressed and reacts to whether it receives a truth or untruth.  The more we impress the truth upon the subconscious by love and respect, the more it will send it back to us. This is where we can become a master.  For, by forgiving the untruths and letting them go, we will find that we have mastered them. They are forgiven and forgotten.


We can entertain all the doubts we wish but some day the truth will sink in.  When we drop all our doubts we are back in Perfection where we belong.  Jesus told us that we are our own saviors.  Yes, he did. What we need to do is forgive ourselves from the feeling of separation from Source. All of us need to accept the energy of the Christ, Divine, in us.  When we accept, we shall know it and consciously be it.  Hard to believe but it is truth…every one of us presents the Christ.  The Christ is Divine consciousness.  The stronger our acceptance, the more powerful the light of our body.  Then, we begin to use the power of which we have been unaware of until now.


The mission according to my understanding is to discern the Truth which emanates, whether it be of God or whether it be the fabrications of our own system of mental delusions. The Plan that I embrace is the plan to remove the illusion.  To do my very best to keep that thought focus and always call on God, known as Principle, Love and Light, Christ Consciousness to remove the illusion and display only Reality.  To me, it is that simple.


Truth is to be found in the human heart and the contact is made right where we may find ourselves at any moment of our existence. Look for the Truth at its Source and we will find it. We won’t find it in prejudice.  We must rise above our own weaknesses and dare to face the Truth wherever it may be found and whatever its discovery may do to the narrow confines of our own beliefs and speculations.


The Christ is one universal energy of all mankind.  The Christ stands where we stand. If we understand this truth, embrace, love and use the energy we are one with it, we are that very thing.  Jesus is a prime example of one who presented the Christ to the world, which all of us may present if we will.  In other words, it is an energy that dwells within the individual always. Since we have free will, the choice of how we interpret, accept, and demonstrate this truth is also ours.


Have you heard the term ‘The Seventh Race’?  There is proof that great civilizations have already lived on our planet and there are many who feel that we are rapidly approaching a point in consciousness where we are stepping up on the process of evolution.  When one of us accomplishes something new or grand, we lift the whole of civilization a step nearer its goal by that accomplishment.  I’ve written about this in one of my books.  Anything is possible.  This is not a visionary statement but reminding you that we are progressing although what we are seeing happening all over the world appears the opposite.  Time for more people to have a thoughtful attitude; it alone is of the greatest assistance to humanity.


Our scientists today agree telling us that we live in vibration, and that everything surrounding us is vibration.  Even the hardest steel vibrates and coalesces and is held in that position because of that very vibratory frequency.  We also know that our bodies are being held together by that very same thing.  Eventually, scientists will determine the physical body is a spiritual body.  Everything does not necessarily need to be seen, touched, and felt.  Scientists today accept that back of everything is a determining element that brings it into existence.


Evolution is not only happening in consciousness it also occurs in the physical body.  There has been a very determining factor back of it.  People can always bring out a greater attitude of thought with better bodies and better surroundings. In evolving the physical body there have been many sidetracks and many things we look on as outside the spiritual, but that does not make any difference.  If we have our eyes fixed on the goal, we shall accomplish it, accomplishing through a spiritual fact with the determination to go ahead and accomplish in that very attitude, seeing no other. We keep expanding, advancing with the material objects why not with the potential and possibilities of the human body.


Do you desire to be a spiritual master?  What is needed is an attitude that we already know amazing things and their existence and that we can work with this knowledge.  One person can show another, but they cannot give you their understanding.  We must accomplish from within, because everything is within ourselves.  Bringing it forth requires that we accept that it is there, that it is completed and for us.  That determination brings it into existence and brings us to the point where we project it ourselves.


It is not what someone else thinks, it is what we think that brings about conditions.  Our thoughts are creative of the very condition.  We are the ones who make a separation from Spirit by our attitude, choices.  All is Spirit.  Work in that attitude and good changes will happen. Use your God-given power.  Elevate your thought to the God thought.  Call upon God when you want to know the truth.


You may not have heard of this possibility. The moment we let go of karma, we do not have it.  If we misuse a law, we can turn and use it more completely than we could ever misuse it.  If we would accomplish all things in this life, we would never need to reincarnate. It is because we accept Karma that we feel we need to work through it.  I hear many people stating they never want to come back, live another life.  Then change your attitude that you are building up Karma because that attitude is distorting Principle, truth.  Why not choose to resurrect your consciousness to a spiritual condition.  When we succeed, we can immortalize our flesh into something perfectly beautiful and pure.


It is only our attitude that keeps us away from fully understanding our spiritual identity.  We are one with creation but most refuse to see this. We could be accomplishing much greater things and we will particularly when we identify with the Christ Consciousness, ascended Mind balanced with the Heart. Whatever we claim ourselves to be, we become.  Yes, what if we even accepted what Jesus said, “The Works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.” Many of the things we have judged outrageously impossible have manifested.  It is only our attitude which keeps them away from us now.


There is no other power beyond our own.  I’m speaking of the ‘God’ power within. The moment we contact it we are one with it. We determine the contact. If we recognize it as something beyond ourselves, we are degenerating. If we do not see the thing and rise to the condition, we keep ourselves away from it.  It lies right within and no other place.  To reach this understanding, we must drop all the false programming and opinions of those who do not yet realize their true worth and purpose.  The starting point is within. We cannot imagine a thing unless we can accomplish it.  Human beings exist to demonstrate the manifestation of God power. When we live from a high state of mind, attitude, we present the Christ.


Did you know that the scientists of the world pronounced the radio a fake at first? If the Presence doesn’t seem to be working for you know that you are the determining factor. It doesn’t matter what another person believes or does.  We must raise ourselves to the point where we know.  God, Father, is Principle.  If we would live one with that Principle, we would accomplish great things and even greater things.  Let us think for ourselves and not typically accept the word of another. What one of us accomplishes, all can.


In the Western world let’s face it man has been taught to fear God. It is well known today that if we do not fear an animal, it will not harm us; and if we do not fear a condition, that condition cannot come into our lives. Yet, humanity for the most part fears its true Divinity.  It is because we were taught that fear. Great ones and of course, Jesus, told us that what one has accomplished, all can, and this is not only possible but is positive the moment we realize that Principle-God-Divinity exists.


Spirit, Soul and body are one.  True Identity, the spirit-soul-God identity and often called Principle cannot change.  We can ignore it for eternity if we will, but the moment we return to it, we will return to our perfect condition.  In other words, the physical body eventually heals as the result of our understanding, acceptance and full belief. If we really understood this fact on all levels, we would not hesitate to do amazing things.  Yes, even walk on water.  I once walked in a raging rainstorm without a coat or umbrella through a parking lot and a drop of rain did not touch me. Two friends watching me said my feet were above the ground.  This power has always existed for all of us.  Why do so many people ignore this power?  It is because we put up the barriers of disbelief.


If you were sick, can a master always heal you?  You may not of thought of this, but the answer is not always a ‘yes’.  If you did not see perfection and had a negative attitude of doubt and do not focus on perfection, you would not be healed.  The person who can see perfection is the Master. There can be no sick condition if you focus on the Christ, the true condition which is Divinity.  When you can do this, you are the one who becomes a master.  All of us can present the Divinity to our self.  I mention this because of people I know who ask me for advice but every time they call me, they begin with the same negative statement about a physical fear.  We must apply our mind in such a way that we see perfection and not the negative appearance in order to transform the appearance.


Do you turn reverently to the power within?  That power will lift our thoughts to union with the creative forces.  All power flows to us when we look to it.  I’m speaking of the power that we are, the power that God is. Conscious unity with the Divine will bring us to a place in consciousness where we can begin to build for the future in harmony with Universal Law.  Yes, there are higher laws. When humanity is in the depths of its own mistakes, it must be lifted.  We reap what we sow. An example, we can release our self from a negative condition by letting go of the condition. By letting go of the condition, we release ourselves, which is true forgiveness.  By forgiving, we are forgiven.  This is working according to Universal Law.


Whether we realize it or not, we are here to bring civilization to a point from which it will never go back into darkness. What I am implying is that we are to rise completely out of limitation.  We are destined to do this. Why not begin to carry the image of perfection for all things including your own body and life?  Right now, it appears that the many are expending energy for imperfection, true, but you and I can change our thoughts and scientifically use the image of perfection to improve life for self and others. Yes, use this truth and attitude every day and every moment of our lives.


Many medicine men and healers in India use the method of training thought to heal. Example: the patient is placed before a canvas on which there is a single black dot. The person is directed to focus his vision on the black dot, and in that condition his problem is presented. Doing this, hold your vision to a certain point for several moments. Then let it go from side to side and back to that point again.  By that exercise you tone up the optic nerve.  Likewise, you can centralize your thought on a point of the body, thereby bringing energy to that point and take it out of any condition of imperfection.


It has been proven through photography that our thoughts control not only the body action but every atom and cell that is created in the body.  Now that brings us to another conclusion…that we make a success of everything we undertake. Many make a success of failure.  Why not make a success of perfection and we cannot fail.  Why?  Because scientists are telling us that we do nothing to build perfection.  It is already built.  What we must do is become one with that perfection through definite thought, definite principle.  Never wavering, we cannot but succeed.


Scientists are telling us that we use 96.4% of our energy in negative thinking, thus taking perfection out of our body and giving it to the negative thinking.  There has been a deep study on that, and it has been proved conclusively.  We bring into existence the turmoil and chaos we think we are in.  The good part is that it can be dissolved instantly. Try saying a positive and healing statements such as ‘I Am’ and free yourself from negative conditions.  Stop seeing dual and focus on your true spiritual identity.


When you pray, do you beseech like the old way or do you stand in full understanding of your true spiritual identity as the ‘I AM’?  Once we really comprehend our higher identity as the Light and child of God, healing has proven to take place.  Healing can be perfectly natural and perfectly simple.   Let’s get back to simplicity in every attitude of thought.  When we know our true spiritual identity, we become the very thing we stand one with.  Reach this point of acceptance and reality and the body falls right into line.


It can be shown photographically how each cell is built.  If we are thinking negatively, the cells come under the influence of our thought and the vibration is lowered.  Imperfection influences our body cells until they die.  The root of disease is in our thinking negatively.  In contrast, a new body can build immediately as a right thought surrounds us.  The positive energy will return with persistence.  If we use positive thoughts and words naturally and persistently, a negative condition can be altered.  Don’t think or use negativity and instead consciously be a power for good. The mind has the power to alter matter. Many of us have proven this.  Why not take this step for yourself and accomplish the truth of your genuine spiritual identity and how it will work for you through love and acceptance of its very presence.

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  16. Pharmacology's Role and Drug Development in Modern Society

    Pharmacology, the science of drugs and their effects on living systems, plays a pivotal role
    in modern society. With an ever-increasing burden of diseases and health conditions, the development of new medications is vital for improving healthcare
    outcomes and enhancing quality of life. This article explores the significance of
    pharmacology and the process of drug development in addressing contemporary
    health challenges.

    **Understanding Pharmacology:**
    Pharmacology encompasses a multidisciplinary approach,
    combining aspects of biology, chemistry, physiology, and pathology to study how drugs interact with biological
    systems. It delves into the mechanisms of action, therapeutic
    effects, and potential side effects of medications.
    By comprehensively understanding these factors, pharmacologists strive to develop safer and more effective drugs
    for treating various ailments.

    **Importance of Drug Development:**
    The development of new drugs is essential for combating both prevalent and emerging health threats.
    Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, cancer, diabetes, and respiratory
    ailments continue to impose a significant burden on global health.
    Moreover, the emergence of novel pathogens, antimicrobial resistance, and environmental factors further underscore the need for innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

    **Phases of Drug Development:**
    The journey from drug discovery to market availability is a complex
    and rigorous process comprising several distinct phases:

    1. **Drug Discovery:** Scientists identify potential drug candidates through various means, including screening natural compounds, designing molecules using computational methods, or repurposing existing
    drugs for new indications.

    2. **Preclinical Research:** Promising drug candidates undergo extensive laboratory
    testing to assess their safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetic
    properties in cellular and animal models.

    3. **Clinical Trials:** Drug candidates that demonstrate favorable preclinical results advance to clinical trials, which consist of three
    sequential phases:
    - **Phase I:** Involves testing the drug's safety and dosage in a
    small group of healthy volunteers.
    - **Phase II:** Evaluates the drug's efficacy and
    side effects in a larger group of individuals with the targeted disease or condition.
    - **Phase III:** Further assesses the drug's safety and efficacy in a diverse population across multiple locations to establish
    its therapeutic benefits and risks.

    4. **Regulatory Approval:** Following successful completion of clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies submit
    comprehensive data to regulatory authorities such as the FDA in the United States or the EMA
    in Europe for approval to market the drug.

    5. **Post-Marketing Surveillance:** Even after approval, ongoing monitoring is crucial to detect any unforeseen adverse effects and ensure the drug's continued safety and efficacy in real-world

    **Challenges and Future Directions:**
    Despite significant advancements in pharmacology and drug
    development, several challenges persist. These include escalating research
    and development costs, regulatory hurdles, ethical considerations, and the increasing complexity of diseases.
    Additionally, disparities in access to medications and healthcare
    services remain a global concern.

    Looking ahead, emerging technologies such as precision medicine, gene editing, and artificial intelligence offer promising avenues for
    personalized therapies and targeted drug development. Collaborative efforts among researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, and
    policymakers are imperative to address these challenges and
    harness the full potential of pharmacology in improving
    global health outcomes.

    In conclusion, pharmacology plays a central role in modern society by driving the development of new medications to combat a myriad of health challenges.
    Through continuous innovation and collaboration, the field of pharmacology holds
    immense promise for enhancing healthcare delivery and promoting well-being worldwide.

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