Sunday, May 4, 2014


Why not stop suppressing the power within?   We already have the way, the truth and the light that will lead to perfect Illumination and Oneness with God.  The key is in accepting our true identity and consciously living it.  To lift and transmit the power within to others who desire to open their eyes, see, hear and embrace beauty and truth, we first have to make it our reality.



We have a Sun within that will rise to great heights if we prepare ourselves.  The Sun-state is illumination.  Its brilliancy is earned by personal work and sacrifice.  It is what we do with what we have that counts.  The Sun state is the kingdom which has been the goal of souls since they entered matter.  In other words, we are to bring heaven symbolized as the Sun-Light into manifestation.  We are representatives who must stop condemning ourselves.  We are not separated; the light is within.



The Light within will come in glory with all the laws of the Cosmos when we are no longer bound in the darkness, the negative programming lurking in the sense of separation.  This is the cycle to move forward into a higher cosmic cycle.  The cycle is in consciousness.  There are enough souls ready to claim a higher reality.  Soul disorder occurs when consciousness is striving to expand.  To expand from the denser energies is often painful.  In contrast, it is also freeing for souls who are to be the light that they are.



A shift is definitely taking place; it is hidden in the subtle light.  The new energy is grander and will act like a magnet and bring the light within out to play. Everyone will experience the energies according to their level of consciousness.  Welcome whatever surfaces; it is good.  View the energy as pushing God’s light into the darkest corners of the body, mind and soul.  Consciousness is being exposed.  The pain, the tears, the longing and the physical, emotional, mental and material disruption are good.  The disruption is making way for a greater light to rule.



Surrender to it, understand what is being shared.  You will taste victory now and not have to wait another day.  Change is in the air.  Whether it feels good or not good, it is a part of the breaking up of the old and bringing in the new.      The shift is both exciting and long overdue.  View your life from above…the best view in town.



Love, Light and Laughter,

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