"Jesus, a real live hero, gave us hope and said that we could do what he did and more.  The media bombards us with bad news and sadness.  Instead of being disheartened, accept the truth that superheroes and heroines do exist.  It is our destiny to become one.  We have many silent ones around us and many who love us.  Why not decide in this very special moment to start getting to really know yourself and fully understand who you are from a higher perspective?  Trust in your own judgments and decisions and consciously be a sensitive and wide-awake being.  We can shape our destiny in the way that our inner power knows how to act and be.  We don't need a magical cape, a golden lasso, a sidekick or require a body like Hercules.  We can feel as powerful, awesome and capable of greatness as we decide we want to be."

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