I believe Jesus tried to demonstrate and educate us on how to draw the kingdom of light into our force fields so that we could live and teach it. He failed not because he wasn’t powerful enough but because man was not developed enough to receive it. Others have taught and demonstrated similar methods with the intention in revealing our spiritual body of light. He enforced the truth by demonstrating it through the power of healing.

Many of us are familiar with spiritual light because we have either experienced or read about it learning that it is available to experience as a result of a higher sense of realization. To view something subtle does not necessarily mean that we fully understand it. One of the goals or I should say that the sublime goal of human life is to recover the understanding of what the light essence really is and actually learn how to use it. When we begin to experience light, the essence of creation, we become a partner with creation. Although I have seen celestial light since a child, I did not realize for a very long time that the light’s use is through the power of mental awakening and the pathway of the heart.

Light is revealed in the laboratory of the mind. We do not require any outward equipment. The ancient teachings revolved around light and the Celestial Mind. They taught how to work with essence, something that most of us usually do not think about except in cases of healing work. The ancients focused on the heart, the subtle realm of spirit as the entry point. They taught how the celestial body and higher mind work together, the mind being the master director of the physical bodily temple. Sadly enough, not too many people understand that the quality of the light in the temple transmits energy and sustains physical life. The goal is to learn how to stabilize the mind so the light is fully used. In plain talk, acknowledging, familiarizing and working with radiant light is a proven way to make contact with our higher spirit Self and reverse any disruption and darkness lingering in the temporary physical body and lesser vibrations of mind.

The infinite and original spirit patiently awaits recognition. A realized soul sees the essence, the original face, and gradually learns to effectively use it. Personally, I’ve never seen much in print about the fact that the light of our essence can be crystallized in our force fields enabling us to become a conscious living perfection. Understanding the science of physical perfection, we can then use it as a form of alchemy. It is a form of alchemy because we discover that through a scientific process we are able to create a balanced and healthy body, mind and soul. We become transformers. We turn the light; reverse it, so it works in matter. Light is creative. Light is to be used to make all aspects of us existing in the lower frequencies, matter, again whole. It is a new way for most of us to look at the possibility of the mind and how we can heal our bodies. Instead of basically using the subconscious and thinking mind, spend more energy and effort in understanding and using the higher creative mind. It is possible to reverse, redirect the light and use it to purify the denser fields we call the lower mind and physical body.

The idea is to congeal or unify the energies of heaven and earth with pure thought and energy. If you practice the science seriously every day, in several months the light of your being as a positive force will direct your material world. Sit consistently and silently; listen clearly to your breath, as it grows quiet. Focus on your heart center as an opening and your mind as a directing tool to draw into matter an influx of golden light. Instead of sending your mind out into space, draw your eternal perfect spiritual body into your basic earth mental, emotional and physical energy. Reverse the light by bringing your eternal heavenly light into your earth form. Visualize for fifteen minutes. All phenomena becomes still. By bringing light into your mind, clarity and healing is created. This is the goal. Do this for ninety days and become an intelligent living light who has scientifically used love to create balance and beauty in his or her personal form and life. From study of scripture and personal experience, I strongly feel this is the scientific approach Jesus used in healing. I have 'used' it repeatedly throughout my life. You can, too. Prove these ancient thoughts for your self and then, help others to do likewise.

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