The intention providing life to what I share is to bring and support the light, love and wisdom of your true Nature into physicality.  You are the one who must discover your natural state.  You succeed by being earnest, questioning and fearless.  Together, we keep our mind and heart in harmony. We support each other and encourage a steady remembrance.
As light minded beings, we are a blessing to each other.   All blessings come from within. We encourage meditation.   Meditation not only develops character, daily practice is a springboard to the source of life and a high consciousness.  Eventually, the high consciousness leads to full awareness, the purity of our natural state.
Our happiness comes from the inner and not the outer.  The outer tools, classes and workshops clear confusion and help you remember.  What is encouraged is clarity of mind and purity of heart.
There is immense suffering occurring all over the world.  It is within our power to end it. We begin by the healing of the self.  To be successful, we must have a constant and strong desire.  What you will discover is that there is nothing to discover.  You are what you are and that is all.  You are the pure awareness that illumines consciousness.  That consciousness is living as you and me.
It is up to us to purify the mind and body and create a well-ordered and useful life.  We do this by observing our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  We support one another as we sincerely strive to clear our vision and remove attachments in the mind.  Living in duality, we must watch ourselves continuously and discover our true nature.  Go within.
In our sacred workshops, we gently move into an awareness that is total, changeless, calm and silent.  We go beyond consciousness into awareness.  I speak of that which we were in our pure and original state…beyond time and space.
If you are devoted to your goal and live a clean and orderly life, your return to wholeness will be spontaneous.  This does not mean that you are completely free of desire or fear. It means that you are conscious of human nature and can easily manage it.  Self-control becomes second nature.  Why not be a true reflection of who you really are?
Shirlee Hall

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