We are in the midst of global change and no one can afford to be idle.  Transformation is coming whether we are ready or not.  A major turning point in history is in process.  Open your mind and heart and receive higher knowledge.  When achieved, we become a keeper of the Light.

I strongly believe in who we are.  I know from my own journey that anything is possible.  The higher wisdom and love is waiting to bless us in ways far beyond hope or imagination.  I believe in our inherent goodness.  Accept the goodness and be free of restrictions.

Many of the acts in the visible world are outrageous.  Simultaneously, there is a radiant energy of beauty and infinite possibilities behind the scenes.  To understand that the old must be destroyed before the new can be fully experienced is wisdom.  Be what you are.  Yes, you are beautiful.  Accept this truth and allow your mind and body to feel and express the wonder completely and joyfully.

To be our true Self is to be alive in the deepest meaning of the word.  It is a gift.  The more we gift others with the goodness we have embraced, the less life will be a mystery.  To fall in love is to be who you are.  To be who you authentically are is beyond words.  It is an energy that heals and inspires.  You and I are the mystery.  Unveil the true identity and the riddle of life is resolved.  The mysterious power of the inner Spirit is unraveled and the grace and glorious presence comes fully alive.  Allow yourself to be aglow with the fire of immortality.  Rejoice and be filled with gratitude.  Stand tall, go forth, heal and bless others.  Speak of their spiritual birthright!

In harmony,


(The above is an excerpt from one of my books, 'BE:Embracing the Mystery'.

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