INTERVIEW WITH SHIRLEE HALL - a woman with a story of her own

“Surrender is always done in the body right here on earth, not elsewhere. All the years you pass without making any progress are wasted years.” ~Shirlee Hall

Shirlee Hall has a history of being a successful channel for healing. She is an author, healer and teacher. She has written and released seven books on conscious living and awakening. The author works and lives in Chicago, USA. She has had many challenges throughout her life that step by step brought her to higher understanding and awareness of herself and humanity as one whole body. According to Shirlee, humanity is facing a huge identity crisis where the material world gets confused with the spiritual world and it seems that we are all spinning in a vicious circle unable to escape. However, she believes there is a way out through self-awareness and conscious day-to-day choices.

Shirlee says that many of the young people are becoming activists and revolutionaries facing and fighting the biggest problems of today: “We, who are older in years, can also step up and fight for change by first healing ourselves of old programs and conditioning, false teachings, and indifference. We face intense opposition not only from outside influences but the falsity we accumulated in both our everyday thinking and the subconscious part of the mind. People have forgotten the healer within that is fully capable in creating remarkable and life changing goodness now. The world and humanity are in crisis. The Spirit of Truth will build a bridge between all people.”

Her most recent book “Adventures in Consciousness” contains dramatic examples of her story. She says we use our stories to affect change. The author encourages humanity to become active allies of a higher vision: “By taking up the challenge and understanding that we are not a finished product, we learn more about self and values. Together, let us use the wisdom power within. Let us consciously evolve as love in form and put aside everything that limits and divides and rise together like our life-giving Sun that shines on all.”

You see, many people tend to confuse this word awakening big time. They don’t really know what that means. It took me some time to work it out as well, until I came to the full understanding that it was all about making conscious choices towards one’s life that could powerfully improve one’s life, well-being and people’s lives around them. That’s not an easy thing to do, is it?

No, it is not easy to be fully awake. In fact, it is a full-time job. It is not easy because people are easily programmed from the womb and are greatly influenced by other people’s opinions. To consciously evolve is sorely needed but that means the individual must choose to be a conscious creator which includes an ethical evolution. This sounds simple yet, humanity continues to experience the same repetitive cycles of success and failure. The reason why something radically different is needed to achieve and enjoy a future is the fact that creation is divided into cycles. Earth is in the latter part of her last cycle in 3rd density. To “awaken”, humanity must solve a spiritual identity crisis.

I often get a question asked what shall be sacrificed in order to attain enlightenment. I guess it can be very hard at times to change and embrace the new?

Sacrifice obviously means different things to different people. From my understanding and experience, sacrifice is letting go of anything or anyone that stands in the way of my purpose in being. If an individual hasn’t a clue as to his life’s purpose, sacrifice is obviously handled on an entirely different frequency than someone whose intention is to be the fullness of his true and eternal Self. If an activity doesn’t ‘feel’ right, don’t do it. Enlightenment is awakening to our full potential as a spiritual being having a temporary experience in a limited form. Discovering one’s authentic Self involves the joy of discovery and falling in love with ‘something’ indescribable, limitless and utterly beautiful. It is an exciting adventure in consciousness, an adventure that is being described as living proof in amazing ways in my new book release, Adventures in Consciousness – Marvels – Mysteries – Miracles.

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