Who Are We?


I personally feel that A New Day will manifest when more of us answer the Call and catch the Vision by choosing to offer a greater Service. What souls are crying for and may not consciously realize is the truth that preparation through trials, lack and limitation have been part of our journey. Our trust and patience has anchored many of us in the way of the Heart.

The New day requires we enter and participate in an energy that is best described as a Holy Brotherhood, an eternal army of those whose purpose is to establish love and righteousness in present time as lights of the One Great Light...Shi



A Call is being sent forth to individual and group facilitators who have consciously chosen to demonstrate the Christ Energy as a present reality on our planet earth at this time.

Everything is created through imagination and will. We who genuinely love all life, feel divinely prompted at this momentous time in soul evolution can, and will through our pure intention bring into manifestation the vision of perfection devised in cosmic co-operation.

Join us in sending forth pure streams of unconditional love into the hearts of receptive seekers who have willingly committed their personal energy into a ministry of love and helpfulness.

Our intent is to communicate with like/light minded souls, securely connect, and anchor the celestial rays of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom into the energy systems of our beloved planet and life.

We who are committed to unconditional love, comprehending our purpose in being, expressing our inner best, do have an invisible support system as well as a physical linkage with Christ awakened souls who are awake and desire to be active in the Great Work of being true children of God...


It is time all souls recognize they must be in action what they are within the heart.  The period of waiting is over.
It is not for you to judge what Is, but to allow that which Is to discern Its messengers and message.
We ask that all who have a deep longing within the heart demonstrate unconditional love through the personality and make themselves known.
We recognize who you are; it is time that you also recognize your role by living as predestined.
We have good news for those who have an understanding of energy and its rightful use.
For you to receive the news, you must be prepared as a finely tuned instrument.
Talk is not enough.  Good deeds are not enough.  Only surrender of the heart to the One is enough.
A Master's demonstration is one of pleasurable love, a love that is rarely known by humans.
It is time that unconditional love be demonstrated in fullness to the race of man.
Few have answered the CALL.  Look within and remember.
It is in the remembering that you will finally be free
Message 4

We are drawing together to fulfill our divine purpose

A call has been sent to those who resonate to purity and purpose in being.
the call although vague is already fixed in the heavens.
We who watch and love are pleased.  the world of matter and the senses appears as fragile and slowly disintegrating but in truth it is strong.
The fabric is tearing at parts and for good reason.  The energy of purity and love is bursting the seams of confinement.  What Is will express in a new way for those who desire to be alive as the spirit of truth.  We ask your willing cooperation in joining each other mentally and physically.  We ask your cooperation in overlooking the appearances and listening with an open mind and heart.
A connection is being made within the various circles of understanding.  It is a connect that will prove to be the lifeline of the planet.  Although the message is simple, the call clear to the inner ear, the manifestation of the final play will bring confusion and pain to many.  We ask that the strong in heart join forces to aid the weak in spirit.  We ask the mending of sorrows, the clearing of paths to make way for the armies of light, true beings who choose to trespass in areas usually untouchable.
The message is to continue with your preparation although you may be uncertain as to the final outcome.  The message is to be steadfast although the battleground is not clearly defined.
Your numbers are greater than you realize, your strength surpasses any known army, your banner is light, your ammunition love, and your words wisdom.  You are never alone.  We stand behind you reinforcing the ranks of the awakened ones.  We ask for you human connection and availability to act when needed.
By answering the call you have made your commitment.  By preparing for battle you come into your own Christ Self.  Everything you have endured has been noted.  It is for the good although you may be weary.  It is time to take a stand and know thy strength.  You will understand when the moment of truth arrives.
We honor you in the Kingdom Worlds.  We have watched your pain and suffering far too long.  You have taken it upon yourselves to clean the waste from your body temple and personal lives.  We applaud you for your steadfast preparation.
We wish to encourage you as the days draw closer to the Great Undertaking.  Your sense of anticipation, your desire to set things aright, your pace of unending activity will all come to a point of sweet realization.
Satisfaction is knowing and being who you truly are.  No longer will you wear the mantle of confusion and distress.  No longer will you be adorned in loneliness of pain.  You will have a new mantle to wear, a mantle of beauty recognizable by its cosmic vibration.
You have passed through the first alchemy.  You are fast approaching the still waters of understanding.  Be at peace for we are with you always.  You are now prepared for a different form of battle.  One that you know well...the battle of the soul.
You will lead as a front army of Light Beings drawing unto you the downtrodden and asleep.  You will spark the Divine Fire with the breast of those who remain hypnotized and spiritually ignorant bringing great joy and understanding to the hearts of the many. You will do Great Work in total confidence with the knowing that only comes through the enlightenment gained through preparation.  You will be given that which is best for your own particular Self to create and use.  You will be given a new armor that is unapproachable except through love.
You will be love in action, love in for, and love unconditional.  You will know when your moment of changing of the mantle occurs.  You will feel a lightness, a joy within your heart, a knowing that is Divine, and a love that transcends description.  When this newness clothes you in its splendor, you will have arrived as a true son or daughter of God.  The world lies in your holy hands.
You are the blessed ones, the ones who have chosen to Be.  Be at peace and know we love you~


Those of you who have not wavered, we applaud you.
Those of you who have suffered greatly for the One, we praise you.
Those of you who try, we adore you.
We who observe your pain, sense of separation, and feel helpless because we cannot interfere.
Free choice is your lot...freedom to be, whether that freedom embraces ignorance or enlightenment.
We watch and know your heights and depths.
We watch and see your confusion and sorrow.
Hold on, dear ones, hold on.
This is the time of alignment.
This is the time when the Christ's gather.
this is the time when the lazy fall back.
This is the time when the camps are separated.
Do not grieve over loved ones.  It is their choice.
Only grieve for self if you have chosen unwisely.
The ears of the many are deaf.
The eyes remain blind.
The tongues speak of much nonsense.
We have warned you.
We have helped you.
We have loved you.
We cannot do more, only you can.
You are the ones who must 'save' self.
You are the ones who must care for all life.
You are the ones who must tend your planet.
You are the ones. not us.
We are always near.
We can only assist if you give us permission.
Only ask.
You do not understand because it is not time for you to understand.
The walls are crumbling; the road is blocked and you sit and wonder what next to bear.
The times are coming when the world knows not what to do.
It is then that your words of wisdom and love will be sent forth upon ears that are ripe, eyes that are sore from strain and hearts that wait expectantly for the Word.
The Word cannot be spoken at this time to the masses because they deserve it not.
The Word cannot be given at this time because they understand it not.
It is only when a certain point of intensity is reached will the masses be ready to accept what is to be offered.
Who is to offer gifts?  Who is to sound the bell?
Who is to heal hearts?  Who is to show the Way?
Is it the soothsayers?  No
Is it the crystal gazers? No
Is it the pseudo spiritual ones? No
It is the pure and unadulterated
It is the patient ones born of the heart
Who have endured.
Who have prepared
Who have listened
Who have served
Who have loved
Who have awakened.
These are the ones; the children of the Sun (Limitless Light)
These are the Christ’s who have waited long in peace and silence
These ones love unconditionally and unabashedly
These ones have suffered pain
These ones have for long years trusted
These ones have been steadfast all their days
These are the simple in heart
The Pure in tongue
The essence is sweet
These are the ones.
Do not weep, for we speak of you
We watch and love you so
We know that you will carry the sword
We know that you will not turn back
We know because you are one of us.
Open your heart and allow my radiant splendor to spill forth
It is I
Open your mind and allow my wisdom to impress your memory
It is I
Open your hand and allow my power to permeate your being
It is I.
Who am I?
I am the radiant Sun of Life
I am the brilliancy of a newborn day
I am the wave of Spirit come to rest
I am.
What good is knowledge if it is not well spent?
What good is pleasure if ill received?
What good is pain if not understood?
What good is live if not given?
What good is life if not lived?
Be still and know that I Am with you
We are One although separate
We are separate although One
I am your light, you are my flame
I am your essence, you are my body.
Try and remember what we once shared
The oneness and simplicity of a Divine Idea manifest
Try to forgive self for memories of old
Accept, releasing them to ashes unknown...Try
My love for you has never ceased
It defies description and time
You are my own, dear child of love
Relax and rest and return to Me
And we will smile an eternity.


My words are simple
And so are you
Truth is
And so are you
Love is
And so are you
You and I can change the darkness
Beam in the rays of pure intent...only try
I offer you the ancient chalice
Drink the golden liquid of radiant Light
Activate the sun within your heart.
There is no mystery or unknown song
Simply the Sun/Son
There is no destiny other than Me
Simply the Oneness
You and I.


Smooth your brow and lighten your heart
Worry less and simply accept
Life as you know not
What life have yet to discover
Discovery is in opening to the All-Knowing-Mind
The riddle is your creation
The Sun reveals Its design
Bask in My Brilliancy and remember
My Rays will quicken memory
And you will finally know
In the twilight hour when all is quiet
look within and see
In the moment of sweet communion discover
Who you truly are
In the discovering, make your peace.
There is but ONE, and yet the ONE is divided
into many
It is through the many that you become ONE again
There is but One thought, One Presence undivided
and yet It expressed individually.
You have asked as to who we are and whence we come
You have questioned regarding identity
and this is good
You have a need to know and know ye shall.


If you can imagine a time behind and beyond all creation
If you can envision a space of indescribable majesty and beauty
If you can feel the pulse of the universal heartbeat
If you can merge in our rhythm, you will know.
You will know that we are unconditional love and intelligence in form
You will know that we are approachable and wise
You will know that we existed before known time and space
You will know that we have no beginning or end.
Our purpose is to hold all thought together through
the golden essence of love.
It is our intention to serve selflessly lifting consciousness
There are some who never assume form as you know it
There are others who choose to descend in vibration.
Whatever we do is God centered
Whatever we say is for your awakening from the dream
Whatever we create is for the best of all
Whatever we choose is to perpetuate truth.
We recognize the Golden Ones as the supreme Intelligence
We recognize the Golden Ones as the original Christ Presence
We recognize the Golden Ones as that which cannot be described
We recognize the Golden Ones as all that can be and ever was
We recognize the Golden Ones as your true Identity
The vibration cannot be experienced by the impure
Nor can it be known by the unprepared
The presence exists throughout the universes
Golden One is but a name for those who consciously live I AM.
There are many intelligences within the Sun (Light)
Each with its own purpose and plan
It is the vibration that is noted
The vibration attracts/repels as the creative process
continues, the veil lifts, and love expands
You will not know who we are or who you truly are until
you experience our worlds as your reality
You will not attain oneness until you fully awaken
and have broken the hypnotism of ego
Only then will you understand what is here being said
Only then will you fully merge with the One.


Look deep within and see your Spirit
What you will see is the Christ unadorned, simple and pure
You have been confused, contrived and have lost your way
Now is the time to return into the full glory exalting God.
This is the time of remembrance, I AM
This is the time to gather the many and commune
This is the time of demonstration and rejoicing
The past is over, freedom is Now.
No longer look back...move forward in the moment
Realizing that you are a Christ in form, a child who lives
You will find rest in this understanding as you fully trust
Trust comes in total acceptance of the Divine Reality
Reality is God's perfection living as you, I AM.


In accepting your true identity as holy
Your body as the Word made flesh
Your mind as All-Knowing
Your demonstration as Light made manifest
Creative spirit free and playful
You and the Father are realized as One.
(This message is describing the eternal and true Self)

Shirlee Hall


A response...

I hear a Call, feel a Presence, and witness a Radiance.

I invite the Golden Self in through the medulla and with

Eyes upward through the third Eye fill my head as I call you forth.

Descend True self into my mind and brain

Continue to fill my soul-emotions and rule

The physical body, a temporary garment.


The greatest healing power is the power of the Light body.

I feel lighter, brighter, and more expansive.

My thoughts are clearer, more powerful, and of a higher quality.

I see with my spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears.

I receive healing images of my I Am Self and hold the image of

Everyone’s wholeness and holiness~

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