Yes, we choose and Mind creates. Let's start a movement to choose that which will express always a greater life. Something important to remember is that the Spirit, the Light within is always seeking to express love and beauty through us. Do you known exactly what it is that you wish? If so, get the perfect mental picture of it. Then believe we now have it and never do or say anything that denies it.


Let's make it simple. We have a largely untapped amazing power within. When you desire something, do you really know and use that power? Mind is always working. What we need to do is to know within ourselves a truth, a dream, a desire, and, when we are absolutely convinced, we will create, materialize, actually have it. We need to convince ourselves. This is our part. The inner power and presence will do the rest. I am certain that is the answer to why it has been proven that people with less education and more simplicity are commonly demonstrating unbelievable things. Simple, childlike faith will produce


What is needed is a changed attitude. Most of us must stop thinking and acting in a way that harms. There is great power in thought. Wouldn't it be healing if the majority at the end of the day would analyze their behavior and change it about many things including ourselves and each other and transcend our old sense of self. We are not a finished product. It is so important to forgive self and others. Drop the nonsense and do a better job molding our thoughts and desires so we do a better job attaining a higher degree of life.


We are just what we think we are; we are as great if we think great thoughts; we are small if we think small thoughts. We will attract to ourselves what we think most about. We can learn to control our own destiny when we learn to control our thoughts. Everything that manifests in our life is the result of some inner mind activity.


We must keep our mind clear so that when the Spirit brings the gift we will be open to receive it. With my years of healing work this has always been very clear to me. Always expect the best result. In healing work as an example...if we keep seeing the thing as it appears we will never be able to change its appearance.


Do you believe you can receive direct from the source of knowledge within you?  I know many people prefer to contact souls on the 'other side' for answers.  In the long run, it is far wiser to contact your own inner Voice and allow the Spirit to direct you. The first impressions are usually the most direct and clearest. As an example, once you make that conscious connection, you will have that inner assurance before undertaking any new enterprise.  When you first sit down in the Silence declare that Intelligence is guiding you and it will.


We all need more backbone and less wishbone. There is something hidden and very special which waits only our recognition to spring into being, bringing with it all the Power in the universe.

This understanding ties in with wanting to do a thing, which we want to see come true. This may take time because we are mentally maturing until our consciousness is that 'thing' we want to see materialize.


Nothing can happen to us that is not first an accepted belief in our own consciousness. This is another reason it is so very important to control our thoughts. Take the time to train what you dwell on.  See your desire, think it, realize it and the creative power of your mind can work it out for you.


Whenever I give a treatment on my self or another including animals, besides faith and being practical, I assume it is taken care of.  Now, if the recipient had the same attitude, a healing immediately takes place. Example: A couple days ago my cat, Baba had a horrible coughing spell, not hairballs but obviously a serious infection. After 3 days of intermittent coughing and my being very occupied at elsewhere, I decided to give him a healing.  It worked immediately because I knew and had the attitude he had received a healing.  Also, an animal wouldn’t doubt like a human.


Love is a word that comes very close to the word “God” in vibratory influence and thousands of healings have been accomplished with it use.  Every known disease gives way to the power of love as we send it out. If we would train ourselves to see love all around everybody and around our self, how different life would be.


Why not give love to everything? And that love heals! What if we all loved each other.  Love is the true “healing touch”.  When someone needs help say either out loud or to yourself, “I love you and I love you so much that your illness, problem will disappear.” Put your hand on a friend or family member and say, “Your body is full of love and I see only the Light.”


It doesn’t mean we need to go around saying, “love, love, love,” When someone needs a healing as an example say the word “love” once with feeling, with vision, with conviction, with acceptance, and the law of love will move to bring what is needed into action. In the words of Buddha: “Use love, concentrate upon it, treat yourself with love morning, noon, and night. As you eat, use love, think it, feel it, and even our food should taste better. The goal is to how to use and express Love.


Did you know that every negative word that you use, you betray the spirit within yourself? Even if we use the word “can’t” we deny our own beauty and goodness. What is so interesting is that

everything we say, our voice and words, goes right into a band of vibratory frequency and it goes on and on.


Life is from within outward, and never from without inward.  You are the center of power in your own life.  Don’t waste time over anything that is negative.


All the power of the universe is with us; feel it, know it, and then act as though it were true. This mental attitude alone will draw people and things to you.  You will accelerate the process by blotting out, one by one, all false beliefs, any idea that you are limited or poor or miserable.  We have a wonderful power of choice.  Why not refuse to think of failure or to doubt your own power?

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