A bridge is  steadily built between the realms of spirit and the plane of matter.

Inner and outer evolution is happening whether we want it or not.

More souls are being led by the impulse of expanding light and pure love.

A new species is emerging and wholeness is the norm.

We desire to connect with all life.

The new specie has a personality willing to allow the God Self to consciously live as a human,

the inner and outer as one active consciousness.


Time is speeding up

Experience is speeding up.

Vibrational frequency is speeding up.

DNA restructuring is speeding up

Everything is speeding up.


Pain is speeding up.

Downloading, clearing and ending of karma.

Stepping out of karma, return to Source.

The mind has difficulty comprehending.

Be still and allow understanding to take hold.


We carry energies but different formulas.

Lack karmic influence and climb the spiral.

Frequency endurance  to evolution is evolving.

Elongate your mind to this thought further.

Conscious acceptance brings energy forth.



Tap into dormant energies and put them to use.

The spark of God, energy, is spirit.

It is spirit that carries the energy

The body is contaminated by environment

A polluted environment is the cause of pain.


There are forgotten laws that work with love.

New ways of harmony and oneness will surface.

Powerful energies entering result in cleansing.

How many times will man choose to stray?

There is no separation; everything is part of the One.


With pure intention vibration is higher.

Polluted energies taint all life forms.

Misuse of mind debases life.

Resurfacing negativity clears the air.

Life will regain balance, harmony and be more peaceful.


It is important to be aware of other parts of self.

We are more than we can imagine.

Truth is hidden both within and without.

It is for protection and preservation.

Encoded into our DNA, knowledge is not forgotten.


Humans and extraterrestrials did live and co-exist.

Civilizations have come and gone.

Galactic wars have caused mass destruction.

Life returns and begins anew.

Beauty and changes will come again.


Many millions of years have passed.

Living on earth is similar to kindergarten.

The door will soon open.

We will again remember.

Earth is moving toward a new frequency change.



Beings everywhere throughout the universe are concerned.

They are concerned with what is happening on Earth.

Earth is a very special planet with an ongoing drama.

It is a melding of much energy from many places.

In a way, Earth is a beautiful experiment.


It's goal is to bring everything together allowing free will to reign.

In the grand experiment, different experiences take place.

The difference is in the merging of spirit with biology.

We are not to mistreat the body.

We are to merge spirit with the physical.


We must stop taking our beautiful planet for granted.

Density is where the grand experiment occurs.

There is curiosity and excitement to watch all unfold.

Those not of Earth's deep density don't have this challenge.

We are the ones to resolve energies and move out of density.


An awakening through the drama is happening.
We live with a variety of light and darkness, beauty and ugliness.
Those who watch want humanity to create harmony and peace.
Rather than poverty, pain and despair, create a happier place.
Knowledge at the right time can cause wonderful results.
Higher knowledge is a great responsibility.
Discrimination is necessary.
Patience is very important.
All things come when it is time.
New energies and knowledge move us to the next step
We are light within.
If fractured, it must be realigned to flow.
As long as the body is aligned, the body is healthy.
Earth civilizations have risen only to disappear many times.
Let us signal the waking up again by joining together.


More is not necessarily better.

Abuse of energy, of power, going against natural order destroys.

We must honor all life regarding form.

This includes the entire devic and angelic that is part of creation.

If history repeats itself much damage and darkness descends.


An assault to the soul causes anguish on all levels of being.

Humanity must not destroy everything again.

Negative use of nature can only spell disaster.

Many millions lose their lives and the climate changes.

The Earth is a living being, and will rebel.


Civilizations are buried beneath the waters of the ocean.

They are buried beneath mountains of mud and debris.

Ancient evidence is hidden under the relentless shifting sands.

Many deny the wonders of the past.

They are beckoning us to remember and not fashion our future.

Legends speak of an advanced state of man.
The knowledge, consciousness, and oneness are not lost.
Awaken and all knowledge can be brought forth for change.
Nothing is ever lost.
Knowledge waits and is stored in the subconscious.

Great Knowledge is often accompanied by fear.
Fear can be used as an implant for protection.
When the time is right, knowledge can come forth.
Call forth your Higher Self asking for the key.
It will slowly and safely release internal/external knowledge.

The hidden will only be used for the good.
We will know it, remember it, and be it.
It is a great knowledge of how to use the power of mind.
Although forgotten, it is waiting to be revived.
For those who remember, fear is released and knowledge is activated.


The time for great change is coming about.

Many have come to observe.

The progression of humans is of interest.

How are vibrations raised?

How will humans accept a higher knowledge?


Is knowledge being used for the good or for greed?

Earth is a complicated planet.

Its form of negativity is very different.

The human race is very war-like.

There is great difficulty living in peace.


Those who love and choose to serve need to be careful.

Guard your energy and not be caught and take a chance.

It is vital to maintain balance.

Be vigilant, positive, and very loving.

Life is not simple because of forgetfulness.


The meaning of defects, illness and trauma has been forgotten.

Awakened souls often disguise their genius with negativity.

When the soul is ready to evolve, drama is created.

A negative may bodily or mentally appear.

This is an opportunity to change direction.


Lessons are clothed in disguise.

Another aspect of the lost part of Self is ready to appear.

A reminder is experienced to create what is needed.

Awareness is stirred when offered a new direction.

Both the good and the bad are tools for change.


It is wisdom not to judge by appearance.

To be whole again often involves trauma.

The goal is to anchor the higher into the lower.

Learning humility is one way.

We remain the same soul but experience a different aspect.



To be born in the flesh remembering would be too much.

Earth is a challenging planet.

To understand all the magnificence is difficult.

The physical forgets for this reason.
There are things we need to learn to grow.
There are some who are raising the energy level.
Because of times and necessity this must be done.
The Earth needs a higher vibration and expansion.
The intensity must not harm the physical form.
If it fails, it is similar to blowing a circuit.
Often physical problems result in holding the energy.
Bringing in power is similar to a mathematical equation.
At the same time, many souls are in a downward spin.
Earth can go either way as it shifts.
We are now at a crossroad and balance is needed.


Everything nature created is equally alive.

The difference is in the vibrating frequency.

To be aware does not require a human body.

This explains the many forms.

Life is all one at the soul level connection.


A ladder of knowledge consists of a rock and incredible slowness.

A plant enjoys a breeze and basks in the Sun.

A huge animal experiences the feeling of heaviness.

A bird protects its egg and feels friendship in its species.

An old ape can feel peace and contentment.


Lives are created from simple to complex.

Each has distinct qualities as living and sentient beings.

We need to understand and take better care of our planet.

Through realization, we know that all go through these stages.

We are deeply connected on a vaster soul level.


When we are born, the soul comes with a plan.

There is a desire to accomplish and learn.

Because of free will, plans, hopes, and fears often clash.

Memories are erased of what the plans were.

The subconscious remembers.


Would it make it easier to remember?

It would not be a challenge if we knew the answers.

We are not always prepared like we think we are.

It looks easier from the other side.

This is why we become trapped in too many things.


We have a plan how to be born and how to die.

The plan is usually not consciously known.

The  journey is beyond our knowledge and limitations.

Look at it logically with all emotions removed.

Reasons are often not apparent but the soul understands.


Energy never dies, it only changes form.

Form is determined by frequency and vibration.

This includes Earth and all dimensions surrounding Her.
Higher vibrations exist although unseen by the eyes.
Intelligence in space travel understand and use them.
The world  is preparing to shift into a new direction.
As frequencies and vibrations increase physical effects are noticed.
On another level, many of us sense something is happening.
With subtle changes occurring, our bodies require care and will adjust.
Physical symptoms may be unpleasant and cause concern.
Our bodies must become lighter and heavy foods eliminated.
An example is to stop eating animal protein with additives and chemicals.
The body cannot ascend in frequency ingesting toxins.
As energies are rarified on Earth, the body needs to shift with it.
This is not new but, times are changing and so must we.
Everything is alive including planet Earth.
She has feeling, emotions, and needs.
Her pain is expanding because of human neglect.
Hopefully, she has not arrived at the point of no return.
If so, Earth will ascend into the new Earth.
The Universe is alive, organized and has feelings.
Everything that makes up the Universe is cells in God's body.
Although you and I are minute, we are significant.
We are created with a possibility to constantly rise upward.
Our responsibility is to raise our frequency and vibration.
We have the power to change our lives and circumstances.
This is possible because thoughts are real; thoughts are things.
Enforcing them, they become more dense and physical.
We are more powerful than we realize.
To help Earth, it will take a combined power of many.


The body does not know its limitations.
Once gained, we understand.
Evolution is a learning process.
We have chosen learning through angst and energy.
The end result is pain.
Involved with pain, we stretch and evolve.
Pain is the point of understanding and learning.
Once we learn endurance, we can teach others.
The energy of pain is one way to learn.
We are slowly moving into a new way through love.
Our conscious effort affects the DNA of the body.
As we learn, the pain becomes and progresses less.
Pain being the evolutionary process of learning.
It is a beginning for some and a finish for others.
Changing frequency and vibration, we create a new world.


Learning what energy disease carries is vital.

Diseases are information that can be changed.

They are a source of important data.

The goal is to have thoughts resistant to the diseases.

A higher level than third dimensional must be reached.


The entire universe is watching our progress.

The world's karma must be first transformed.

The world and all its creations are living, breathing entities.

We are all part of the higher purpose.

Other planets are helping regarding the new energy.


Future beings will differ from what we are used to.

There are souls here at the level of evolutionary purpose.

Some can be tuned into but not those of a higher energy.

The awakened live in many countries with different cultural backgrounds.

They have come to Earth to help with changes and progression.



We are not alone.

There are other intelligence's operating under different rules.

Creating and needs are met through the mind.

All one has to do is think of things and see results.

In everything, balance is what is strived for.


On Earth, balance is lacking and duality reigns.

The problem with mind power often is abuse.

The secret is to evolve and not attempt to control.

We need to learn how to incorporate knowingness in the mundane.

There will always be those who resist, oppose. and lash out.


Changes are occurring and some bodies do not become ill.

The DNA or the genes are different.

The bodies are protected by a shield of energy.

No matter the form of our body, we are energy and light.

People need to remember the reason for being here.


The Path of Light is traveled with great determination.

The purpose is to find what we have not yet learned.

When we seek with earnestness, we become a child.

The teachings of many are all from the One.

It takes time to fully understand.


Eventually, we gain the knowledge of the truth, of simplicity.

The teachings may be of the Christ, of Buddha, or another.

We comprehend the wisdom of many who are all the same.

There were and are women who have the Christ energy.

The energy is abilities, knowledge, and a willingness to share.


It is a great joy to have knowledge and information within.

There is no fear and it is known all will be right.

Lessons of faith and belief in one’s self has paved the way.

Although not always accepted, strength and gentleness is our power.

We learn to handle many things by the tests placed on our path.


When we are ready, there are those who have volunteered to help.
We can use higher knowledge without being rejected, ridiculed or different.
There will always be people who do not understand.
It is for us to remember and use forgotten abilities.
Anything that has ever been learned regardless of how long ago is never lost.
Knowledge is stored in the subconscious mind and can be revived and used.
If something is needed, appropriate, knowledge is allowed to come forward.
Often, our willingness leads us to the unknown.
Information comes from the Light and often through alternate realities.
Earth is a living energy and has its own energies that come forth.
Throughout Earth's history, individuals had extreme knowledge and wisdom.
They demonstrated that access to such knowledge is possible.
The wisdom knowledge is buried in the subconscious.
Extreme faith is the common denominator that transforms life.
Buried information is waiting for those who strive for perfection.


Do you ever talk with your subconscious?
If you listened, it would chastise you.
We are here to help others in some way.
Instead, we usually become caught in the mundane.
The result is we forget our purpose.
The subconscious does not tell us to live and play.
The purpose is to make a difference in the world.
Although it is a common theme, the conscious mind is oblivious.
People typically get caught up in  the earthy rat race.
The unreality of it all becomes the reality.
Most lose sight of their true reason for incarnating
Hopefully, it is discovered before it is too late.
If not, the only solution is to return and try again.
There are many possible scenarios of life here and elsewhere
They defy our imagination.
We would be surprised if we could remember.
Some have had an ability to manifest whatever is needed.
It requires courage to use natural abilities.
Fear is often the cause why some do not admit.
If we are too open, we may appear too different.
Is there a way we can tap into the past?
How can we bring it forward?
We must step past our human fear.
It requires that we choose to remember.
We will remember when we accept the challenge.
We come to earth to learn new lessons.
The problem is to bring back the abilities.
We do not have to work hard for everything already learned.
Take time in your meditation and memories will return.
Put aside the false conditioning and find the true Spirit within.
It is common for humans to have problems.
What is not understood is the source.
Regardless of how obscure, it usually stems from a past life.
It is never obvious on the surface,
The subconscious in its wisdom connects the two.
When on the spirit side, we are aware of the records of souls.
The record shows how we have previously lived.
As humans, most forget the record and believe what they are taught.
A thread represents each soul.
The record is a living tapestry.
Earth is struggling right now with war/peace, light/darkness.
She is attempting to slowly transition out of duality.
As this is happening, the duality is intensified.
Hope is in the truth that information is being broadcast.
Lovers of Light and wisdom are receiving inspiration.
There is a theme of mass communication happening.
The physical body is constantly processing and delivering.
The information travels from our brain and central nervous system.
Our DNA also processes information.
From the tiniest cell in our body to the entire universe, there is a theme.
As a human, we experience everything imaginable.
We go back and forth to the spirit side during the cycle.
Our main purpose is to gain all information.
We began with God, and our goal is to return to God.
We, the children, are to give to Source what we have learned.
There are more advanced and aware beings.
They, too, are active in recording and accumulating.
Implants are often used for this purpose.
The computer banks are directly linked to lasting historical records.
Entire planets and our Sun is a main recording device.


Earth is so special, yes, beautiful.

It is a melding of energies from multiple places.

She is a grand experiment in many ways.

Everything comes together using free will.

Spirit merges and integrates with physicalness.


Those who do not live in density are curious.

Excitement is felt watching us unfold.

We have the light and the dark.

There is both beauty and ugliness.

Variety presents challenges that others do not have.


There are other physical planets.

There is a difference somehow.

Perhaps, it is the awakening awareness of a human.

Life on Earth is always experiencing a series of dramas.

To watch is probably the 'best show' in town.

Our global purpose is to be one with the universe.
If we would but let go and believe, magic could be performed.
There is a great test of wills battling on planet Earth.
Too much disease, unrest, civil strife, and combative energy is active.
These are reasons Earth is referred to as a great experiment.
At the same time, there are many emissaries here to help.
They have come to bring peace, harmony, and wholeness to Earth.
The emissaries are striking a chord and activating others through love.
The goal is to get in touch with the Light.
As Light grows, the forces come into a greater balance.
There are a great many warriors of light battling for justice.
All this is seen as a possibility.
There is no definitive outcome.
The planet could potentiality  destroy itself.
A greater potentiality exists that it will achieve equilibrium.
Extraterrestrials are becoming familiar to us.
Time travelers from the future are making their presence known.
Shifting back and forth between dimensions is common.
They often come from a place associated with a probable future.
Traveling back and forth, needed changes are made.
Everything touched is subtle under strict regulations.
No one desires changes that drastically affect their world.
Carefulness is taken not to unduly influence events.
Some are only observers due to delicate circumstances.
They safely use portals to pass through and windows to observe.
Time portals are connected with time vortexes around the Earth.
Many sacred places and ancient temples are located at the vortexes.
Ancient people had the knowledge to use them for travel and information.
Much of the lost knowledge is appearing in our period.
We are ready to regain forgotten information in this new era.


Many of us love Egypt for reasons not always known.

Perhaps, we have faint memories of a long ago time.

There was a portal underneath the main pyramid.

Those of higher knowledge used it in the past.

Time travelers from the future also use it now.


The technology is very complex.

If the portals are used incorrectly, it can be dangerous.

People of higher dimensions do not use these.

They travel in a quite different way.

One possibility is raising and lowering the body’s vibration.


The materials of matter can also be altered through vibrations.

These facts are mentioned to remind you of possibilities.

Humans tend to be grounded in the mundane.

Technology continues to expand as does consciousness.

Many are working to secure a better future than we currently have.

Dwelling on the past may hold us back.
It is important to focus on our future.
We need to do what is required in the present.
There are those who will assist us.
As they do, the necessary information will come.
Thought is not always easy to control on earth.
There are interfering energies that are thick.
Earth energy is slow, dense, and takes long to manifest.
Sometimes other people's energies attach.
The energy does not stay pure due to the influences.
We need to create at a very high vibration to keep energy clean.
Slowness on Earth appears to be part of the laws.
People do not understand that something can be created out of nothing.
Higher information is rarely available to human minds.
For now, accept the information understand it may not make sense
There are always other parts of us we are not aware of.
Force and guides are available to help us take care of things.
We need to remember to ask them when we need help.
If we listen, everything will be okay.
The problem is we do not always listen.
Evidence reveals that we have more parts of ourselves.
These parts can exist and interact at the same time.
They do different work, live different lives and we are not aware.
To be fully aware could be confusing.
The result is that we live without knowledge of the bigger picture.
There is a process for creating something new on Earth.
Using powerful thoughts, we first create our dream on the spirit side.
Our fervent desire for it makes the dream a reality.
We must vividly see the results in the etheric.
Faith. Belief, and law make it solid and a physical reality.


If you were to speak to your Higher Self, it would say 'We'.
The same is true for the "subconscious".
On earth, we are more like a group than an individual.
When speaking, it often refers to us as a third person.
It feels that way here in the physical dimension.
Our viewpoint changes when we discard the physical.
We realize that life in density is only a game, a play or school.
It is a dimension where we hopefully learn lessons.
The other side is more real and answers are supplied.
With happiness and relief, we rejoin the parts of our self.
The higher part of our identity is aware of the bigger picture.
The ultimate goal is to realize this in our physical experiences.
Awareness of the grand reality provides a fuller life.
To be and know directly as our True Identity is oneness.
As the real us, the Divine listens and desires to help.

Many people only understand a simple concept of reincarnation.

The acceptance that we have lived more than once is startling.

To be courageous and wander away from the Church is life changing.

Only the brave will normally ask questions.
Answers can be now for a searching mind.
If we think we have it all figured out, we are mistaken.
When ready, the subconscious and Higher Self offers little bits.
The crumbs whet our appetite for more.
Once digested, new little pieces of information are given.
Our role is to understand.
The deeper part of us knows when we are ready.
It is not always easy to understand we have had multiple forms.
Once the concepts of reincarnation are accepted, prejudice and judging ceases.
We have a body but the "real" and true" is our spirit.
If people would only understand, what a different world we would have.
Hopefully, out of a bad circumstance we learn one thing.
If we do not learn, more unpleasantness will occur until we do.
Blaming others for misfortune, does not work.
Once we finally come to understand the message, we will be free.
Although things appear as unjust, there is value in exploring the past.
The fastest way to heal is to forgive and truly mean it.
It may take awhile, but subtle changes will be noticed.
Things will become easier.
What is the alternative?
Keeping the wheel of karma turning prolongs the pain.
The subconscious will help us find the cause of grief.
Whether we call it the subconscious or the higher Self, it is magical.
Speak to the cells of your body from the view of the "We".
We is the combined power of the super, conscious, and sub consciousness.
Allow the "We" to talk to your cells asking them to cooperate and heal.


Our minds are capable of anything.

We do not realize how much power we actually have.

It is time not to allow others to limit us.

We can create what our heart desires.

We can have it all.


We can heal our bodies.

Removing limitations that enslave must take place.

To be free, we must accept ourselves as powerful.

Then we have to believe!

A winning combination is belief and trust.


No one can take our power away unless it is allowed.

Together, let us reclaim ancient abilities.

As our beloved planet changes, so must we.

All our innate powers must awaken within.

Awaken now and play your part.

Prayer is consciously directed energy.
Meditation is being open to what comes in.
Prayer is powerful using conscious thoughts toward a goal.
The collective Force is All.
It is not "a being" or "an entity”.
Humans create a problem thinking of the Creator as a human.
It is a great positive force of ALL THERE IS.
Effective prayer merges with the greatest good.
Do not limit it.
God is the glue of the universe.
The human brain has difficulty understanding ‘Foreverness’.
Instead, many think in terms of "Angels, Spirits, and Gods”.
They are vehicles to help us reach a higher understanding.
The Force will manifest according to our mind awareness.
All is from God. Man makes up negative things.



































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