Holiday Release! Jesus the Ultimate Superhero
The Answer to Finding Peace
With much of the world in turmoil and our nation deeply divided, many are looking for a superhero “to save the day.” In Shirlee Hall’s new book, “Jesus the Ultimate Superhero,” Hall says we need look no further than to scripture and ourselves.Drawing on Jesus’s words and her own spiritual experiences, Hall writes how we can be the super heroes and heroines we seek.
“Jesus is the ultimate superhero and role model,” says Hall. “By following his example of love and wisdom, we can awaken to our true identity and powers to fulfill our purpose of creating heaven on earth. We are the super heroes that can, and must, save ourselves and save the world.”
Several years ago after laying hands on a stranger, Hall was given the command to “Gather my Sheep!” and resurrect what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. For a long time, she ignored the command, essentially asking “Why me, Lord,” until Hall realized she could not rest until she obeyed. The book “Jesus the Ultimate Superhero” is the result of Hall’s commitment to share anew the words of Jesus and how, by following his example, we can find peace within and bring peace to the world.
Jesus the Ultimate Superhero (ISBN is 978-0-578-41238-2) is a 6x9”, approximately 178-page paperback book published by RealityIsBooks. Individual copies are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Shirlee Hall’s online store at can purchase through Ingram Content Group and other authorized book industry wholesale sources. Retailers without industry accounts can make purchases of five or more books directly from RealityIsBooks by contacting Jim Loftus at [email protected]or 847-776-8528.
About Shirlee Hall
Shirlee Hall, in the service of Divine Love, is a reverend, teacher, workshop leader, spiritual consultant, healing practitioner, public speaker and author. She views herself as a synthesizer, drawing from many teachings and spiritual beliefs.
Hall’s primary focus is healing, including the body, mind and soul. Her mission is spreading love and compassion. Based on her understanding of life’s highest purpose and plan, she teaches the importance of acknowledging our true spiritual identity and our destiny to create peace on earth and goodwill toward all.
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