I have written my 10th book.  Jesus - the Ultimate Superhero
It is being edited at the moment.  Here is my explanation of one of the many scriptures that I explain from the experience of my own journey.

Proverbs 18:12

“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”
Truth always is.  It does not change.  The false is always changing. There is a lot of false reasoning continually happening.  We must not let an opinion have any sway over our minds.  We are the author of our own misery.  If we believe something either good or bad, it becomes our reality.  This also holds true in our believing the opinion of others.  At the time of Jesus just like now there was a variety of opinions and people were afflicted according to their belief.  Man is made up of opinions and fear is usually behind the opinions.  If we really believe in a thing, we create it.
Many of us have proven that effects on the human body are the result of a chemical change of the fluids with or without our knowledge as a result of a peculiar state of mind.  The opinions we cling to create our bodies and lives.  Haven’t you known someone who has stated his or her parent had cancer, the aunt and uncle and others and they just know that they too will die of cancer?   A mother of my son’s friend in kindergarten told me one bright sunny afternoon that she knew for certain that she would get cancer because of her family history.  A few years later, she did.  Man  is made up of opinions of truth and error and his life is a battlefield of falsity.  Why not reach higher and place your trust in the example given to us?  Jesus offered an actual science or wisdom superior to the nonsense conditioning that we have been falsely led to believe as real.
Jesus came to destroy death and to bring life and immortality.  He reminded us that the words he spoke are spirit and are life.   Perhaps his definition of death actually is the ignorance  that we stubbornly cling to.  Belief does influence health and happiness.  Why not lessen our mistaken belief in false opinions and take His words and example into our hearts and minds through prayer, meditation and action?   As we develop trust in His wisdom and love, we will not be so easily influenced by the opinions of the unenlightened regardless of their man-made credentials.
In harmony,

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