A quote from my latest book, Jesus the Ultimate Superhero

"Our spirit has layers which are made up of many sheaths or energy vibrations. The primary layers to be concerned about are the control and care of the mind-soul and body. These are the vehicles we use when we 'descend' into matter, in other words, when we are born on earth.

It is disturbing to observe how few people honor their mind, soul and body. Most people take better care of their computers, phones and cars, than they do themselves. Superheroes understand the wisdom of honoring the body by taking excellent care of it. It is also wise to honor the mind and keep it open to expansive ideas that will serve to help us evolved on all levels of our being.

The better we take care of ourselves rather than relying on others, the more control, confidence and calmness we gain. Rely on your innate power and you will be able to reduce stress and cultivate opportunities to develop a superhero consciousness."

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