For us to deliberately defeat our lower nature requires a great deal of discernment, unshakable love and tremendous willpower to permanently escape its influence.
Our resurrection is when we acknowledge, love and live here in physical form our highest version, spirit, of our human package. I understand the goal as being finally able to raise our self to the heights of a Christ Consciousness and merge into it and, at the same time, draw it down into our physical/mental/emotional energy so that it will dwell consciously as us.
It is up to us to willingly remove all the ignorant, fearful, greedy, hateful and numerous other weaknesses preventing us from being our Highest version of Self permanently.
When we are successful, we become the Light and Love many of us enjoy talking about. We are witnessing the good emerging all over the world being openly expressed by those in the front lines of this murderous virus.  Businesses, organizations and individuals are willingly giving of themselves and products to help others, animals and Earth.  The Light is expanding and this gives us hope in the hidden beauty that is being allowed to emerge and show us the way.
Much love,

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