I have always resonated to the pure knowledge available in the teachings of Buddhism and Taoism. Their teaching is the quintessence of what I have intuitively known in the area of an inner desire to open up the light of the higher regions of the mind, see with the clarity of the light of the inner vision and hear with understanding the light of the inner hearing.
The Taoists have as their goal the ‘Way’ to restore the original God-given spirit even though we are temporarily in a flesh body.  The Buddhists encourage us to be conscious of our original Self and be free of environmental conditioning.
Because I came naturally to the above understanding, I recently offered an amazing Sacred Breath Meditation Workshop called The Secret of the Golden Flower.   The meditation is a simple energy tool devoted to the recovery and refinement of our original spirit identity.  The goal is to free the mind from the unnecessary, the habits and conditions that bind us to suffering and consciously experience the freedom and joy of a blossoming golden flower.
To quote Thomas Cleary, PH.D, East Asian Studies, Harvard University, “The essential practice of the golden flower requires no apparatus, no philosophical or religious dogma, no special paraphernalia or ritual.  It is practiced in the course of daily life.”  The people who participated last night in the workshop found the experience remarkable for the sharpness of its focus as a very direct method for self-realization accessible to ordinary lay people.
Yes, it is a concentrated revival of an ancient teaching but considering the crises most people are experiencing today, I personally feel that the method can accelerate a much needed awareness of hidden resources in the mind and offer humans the hope and balance they are desperately seeking.
I am just as comfortable referring to the golden flower as a direct method to awaken a relationship to God, the Holy Spirit, the Buddha or Christ nature or the Real Self.  Whatever name you are comfortable with…use.  The golden flower method transcends the barriers of personal and cultural differences.
People must wake up!       If you are drawn to the possibility that you have in your power the ability to be aware of a healing and radiant Light and learn how to use it receiving life changing results, contact me on my web site:  https://behealedforever.com
On the Home page, click on the donate button and I will email you an email attachment on how you can easily use The Secret of the Golden Flower Sacred Breath Meditation daily.  The method is asecret of freedom that connects with the Light of your Essence and the Light of your Consciousness.
In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

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