People of all ages are asking how to gain relief from the sorrow and tragedies of the world.  Although we can't single-handedly change the world, we can single-handedly change ourselves.

If you desire relief, regardless of the issue, stop and listen to your Self, the Real You.  Souls are in trouble because they have fallen prey to falsity.  What is this falsity?  It is darkness, the opposite energy of Radiant Light.  It is true that Light is in the darkness, but it cannot be seen nor felt unless you, too, are sincerely filled with love, goodness and compassion.  To be free of pain linked to personal and external changes, we must willingly strive to nourish a heart connection with the Light.  Light is sacred.  it is the Essence, the Substance and First Matter of the One.

An excerpt from 'Relief' a subject discussed in the new release, 'Jesus the Ultimate Superhero'.

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