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"In the higher planes of light, souls feel confident and capable of handling challenges. In matter, it is typical for people to want to find someone else to solve their problems or touch them on the head zapping them into a state of mind referred to as mastery or bliss. Soul evolution leading to pure awareness doesn’t work that way.

On the ‘other side’, souls decide the general plan of their next life experience and select issues buried deep in the subconscious part of the mind to bring out into the open and either experiment with or heal. Humans enjoy the drama of creating and bringing forth through their desires complex situations whether they be beautiful or ugly.  The desire is to control, display or play a role in a selected energy that has not yet been experienced or if it has, how to resolve it. Creation on earth is a mind game that both creates and challenges the soul in an endless combination of situations. Souls dream that they are a part of God and can create and manipulate the matter they thought into creation.

Once they are trapped in a physical form, they frequently moan, become angry, complain and blame God when all along they were the ones who created the very materialization they dislike. Having said this, isn’t it prudent to watch what you focus on and desire? Challenges vibrating in the invisible planes are very different from the challenges here in matter. What makes it worse is that the soul in physical form rarely remembers its true identity or the fact that it created the problem in the first place.

The purpose behind creation is to be a creator, a living spirit in control of matter. The problem is that forgetfulness and a constant desire for unimportant things rules in matter and the challenge no longer is mastery but misery. Misery is a result of succumbing to the lower frequencies, forgetting that one’s true essence is love, light and a wisdom based on science. Since forgetfulness reigns, the lower frequencies cause a sense of heavy separation and loss. How to match the energies of the physical/material world with the higher pure frequencies that are behind all creation are explained in the book I am currently writing.

We come into the flesh with many past problems and continue to create them so we can learn self-mastery, materialization and dematerialization. If we expect and ask someone else to take care of what we through the power of misdirected thought have in the past created, how can we liberate ourselves from matter?   When my new book, Baba - A Magical Cat with a Message, is completed and published, you will have answers I have discovered and lived~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall
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