Sept. 8th, Sunday, 1:00 PM
Sohmar massage School, 3051 Oak Grove Rd, DG, Suite 104
 $75.00   Details: Email Shirlee Hall - Registration a must!
Akhenaten, Formerly known as Amenhotep IV, came to earth to help his people return to the One, instead of worshipping the many.  As Pharaoh, he enforced his wisdom, a wisdom that the people were not ready to receive.  His reign was short and powerful although attempts were made to erase his understanding.  Truth cannot be erased forever.
(Akhenaten was an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled during the Eighteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom period of Ancient Egypt. He is famous for changing the traditional religion of Egypt from the worship of many gods to the worship of a single god named Aten.Akhenaten was born in Egypt around 1380 BC.)
Today, Nature and human ignorance combined are in the process of doing exactly what Akenaton struggled to do.  We are in the midst of a shift that will require the calmness and understanding of balanced and awakened human support.   Many have returned at this time for this specific purpose.
Our monthly 3-part healing workshop is to prepare and support us physically, emotionally and mentally to be the helpers that we came here to be.  Mass confusion will increase as changes continue.  To assist in the madness, we need to be centered and whole, understanding our true identity and actually Be.  The below I wrote as part of a series, Moments of Momentum.
Many of us feel we are not doing what we came to do.
Everything is speeding up and much turmoil is coming.
Situations caused by both humans and Earth changes demand stability.
Tranquility and being grounded must be ours who choose to help.
It is training ourselves to remain calm during times of chaos.
New energies will be livable for those who have raised their vibration.
Chaos will be caused part by illusions being shattered.
Many who desire to maintain power will use fear.
People will begin to confront their own demons and think for themselves.
The changes are a cleansing and no way to prevent it.
It is those in the midst of confusion that need help.
Regardless of how long the process, our job is to remain grounded.
When vibrations reach the correct frequency, we go to the next level.
Everyone is being given the opportunity and no judgment is involved.
Of course, all of this could be less damaging, as there is no set future.




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