What does the Spirit of Truth within suggest to lift my soul and others who feel as I do?
“To lift yourself from the depression that is a vibration controlling your planet you need to take charge of yourself on every level.  This means you must carefully monitor what you put into your body and what comes forth from your body.  You will need to carefully monitor who you associate with and who you choose to ignore.  There are definite habits that need to be developed to guard your senses from the gates of the common ignorance.  In other words, you need to carefully watch how you use your body and mind and be fully responsible for all your thoughts, words, and actions.  You will need to not judge because those who are still lulled by the ignorance typical of the unenlightened simply do not comprehend the purpose of life nor their role in the ongoing drama of creation.   You will need to be detached because emotional involvement only dissipates genuine power.  To be fully your true self, you need to stand aside and realize that you have dropped down, so to speak, to a lower level of creativity and to be sorrowful or depressed defeats your purpose of being on the planet at this time.
Do your best to be an example with humility, love and understanding because you will not be understood through your words as much as you will through your actions.  It is time to throw sadness to the wind and realize that all who are beguiled and bewildered will one day awaken.  For now, simply be an example and accept that this is the way it is and all will change naturally through the process called the evolution of the soul.”


AFFIRMATION: "My body is the universe and I am the holy breath which enlivens all thing. I am the big life which is throbbing as the little life in my heart."


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