Have you learned to trust yourself? Are you aware that whatever happens to you, by you, through you, that you are the creator, enjoyer and destroyer of all you experience? Understand this truth and you will not be afraid. Think about it. If you are unafraid, you will not be unhappy nor will you need to seek happiness because you will finally realize that your mind is creating all the pictures.

It is the second month of a new year. Are you making and living different choices, choices that arise from an attitude of silent observation? Have you surrendered to your own eternal Self?

If you learn only one thing right now such as not judging yourself, you will begin to relax and finally accept yourself as you are. Learn to trust yourself. If you refuse to achieve this state of mind, how can you experience clarity and peace? You will wallow in a low or false sense of self esteem.

We have a high origin, a noble nature that has been mostly forgotten. I don't believe in suffering. The workshops and classes that I offer simply provide a means to end universal suffering through self-understanding which opens the door to a lasting happiness within.

Liberation is a natural process and eventually we will all have it. Every one has a turn to experience a full blooming. It is time for more souls to awaken and find out what they really are. Until then, suffering and limitation continues. Suffering occurs when you feel separated from your Source.

You are pure light. I encourage you to join us any first Sunday afternoon of the month or Friday evening. You are an infinite expanse of consciousness which cannot be described. Gratefully, it can be felt. To be genuinely liberated, understanding, alert perceptively, eager enquiry and deep investigation are required. The invitation extended to you is solely for the purpose to help you consciously realize you already are all that you seek, but you do not fully know it.

Every one of us has the pure essence, the Core, within. There is a way to take full cognizance of the ways of your mind and to turn it into an instrument of self-discovery. To BE, and to know that one IS, is most important. As I mentioned to the Circle class yesterday, when you come to the Circle, you meet your Self~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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