No one can lower your vibrations unless you allow them to. When you are in a situation with a loved one, friend or stranger train yourself to be focused on your own true SPIRITUAL identity which is identical to theirs but normally unseen. Identical implies that each was originally given a Light from the Creator to use in matter. The Light must be developed, evolve to truly know and be its Self as beauty, love and truth. No one can do this for another. It is literally an ‘inside’ job. The outer physical body is a temporary garment.

What is meant by unseen is the majority of humans haven’t a thorough grasp of their true worth as a spirit temporarily using a form. To live in matter and not have full access to your true Self is an ongoing challenge. The challenge exists because you are constantly involved with repulsion energy, energy that draws away from Source, Light, the One.

To not be caught in the net of confrontation and delusion, a seeker must be constantly vigilant and watch his or her thoughts, words, and actions. When loved ones express in ways that are contrary to the way you have learned to understand identity and truth, you only need to remind yourself that the story everyone is living is an evolution story. The story is more often lived unconsciously and based on erroneous programming..
To be at peace yourself, this fact must be understood. Wherever you physically find yourself, you are stepping into a quagmire of variances that are the result of individual soul histories. Each soul basically walks alone although teachers appear, books are written and wisdom given. It is an individual journey that usually does not have similar companions. Because every soul is at a different vibration, the journey is constantly a challenge. The primary problem is forgetfulness. Forgetfulness and not being at attention will weaken the energy field of the most loving being. When you decide to remain balanced and honor your spiritual identity regardless of what is happening near you or far, you are close to Home. Home is the higher Reality, a reality that is unconditional love, genuine joy and goodness.

When evolution of consciousness is clearly understood, you always have a choice to react or simply respond from the point of Divine Will within you. Pause and imagine your third eye area and visualize brilliant Light as an example. Choose a method that is personal and use it every time you ‘catch’ yourself being emotionally attacked or the possibility of experiencing a kink in your armor. Negatively of any form is not the Light. It is energy attempting to repulse the Light. Practice makes perfect. This is why it is said ‘guard the gate of the senses’. Be a sentry, a watcher and do not allow another who is not yet at peace and experiencing a conscious intimacy with the True Self be the cause that will create a negative effect in your personal energy field whether physical, emotional or mental. Simply said, be attentive, observe the players in your story and decide how you wish to choreograph each scene.
Love, Shi

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