Personal feelings...If thousands of years ago, Buddhists, Hindus, Tibetans, Sufi's and Cabbalists understood exactly what had to be understood, why couldn't Hermes and Jesus as an example openly share the secret of the Higher Force, Holy Spirit, the Sun behind the sun? Jesus only revealed to his disciples because he felt the 'general' people were not ready for the higher teaching.  Hermes did the same thing.  In fact, a serious student can read the Emerald Tablet many times and still not get it.  Why didn't they speak/write simply so people COULD  get it?  The secret of love shouldn't have been dangerous to reveal or assume it is beyond comprehension. Often, something is not fully understood is felt.  Everyone needs to hear that the mysterious Force, Light, all-powerful and able to remove everything negative, all illness and suffering has the innate energy that could actually make negative illusions disappear. Everyone needs to hear this truth. Yes, consciousness differs, attitude can change. What is the harm of expressing the advantages of our consciously living and being evolving Light?  If not understood, it will be stored until that moment when the soul is ready to embrace it.  This is similar to our reading truth and years later rereading the same statements and 'getting' it. In symbolism, the Father is the Sun and the Mother the moon. There are lower to higher aspects within each. The force has been compared to a fire. It can become fixed, crystallized, condensed and become solid in matter. That is when it is all-powerful on earth.  The Heavenly Life Force, Holy Spirit,  once it becomes accepted fully by us will come to earth and become a material, tangible reality. Why should this be veiled?  It is designed to become an integral part of us. Certainly, it takes focus effort and an accepting love on our part to succeed but it doesn't have to take centuries... Bringing the Force to earth is expressed in the interlaced triangles which form the Seal of Solomon.

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