The Living Tree is a teaching of ascension.
A journey of love both scientific and realistic.
Combined with compassion and the promise of freedom,
It removes us from the mesmerism of ongoing ignorance.
Our common mind and subconscious are part of matter.
When we ascend, we access the super mind, matter. yet spiritual.
Embrace the tree, surpass common knowledge, and reveal the mystery.
Let us together remove misunderstanding and willingly ascend.
The aim is to be happy and feel complete.
We will move toward the heart, our true Home.
A good death needs to first happen.
One that removes error thinking in the cells of the body, mind and soul.

Many desire to conquer the mystery of physical energy

Not having learned and mastered the energy of the Hidden.
Using mind to manipulate currents and opening
Storehouses for personal purposes are not the Power or
Presence achieved by minds that have quickened the heart.
Why not take a higher action and be independent in thought?
Conscious steps are needed to remove root error and false beliefs.
Mistakes are common and the battle often lonely.
Climb and climb again and discover your hidden inner tree.
The power given is a science of love and not based on opinions.
Let us create a new pattern without fear or limitation.
Refuse to entertain falsity and choose to be free.
The Real is a seed, a child, waiting to create and actively love.
The seed grows as we face the Sun awakening to that which Is.
The shadows of ignorance are removed and wisdom transforms...


Before ascension, purpose and wisdom must be understood.

The Tree speaks so we may reach and merge with the Sun.

Eight main branches must be attained as our own.

If not, we repeat the pattern of disharmony and distort our Tree.

To become god-like does not means you are free to harm.


Abuse the life force and the Tree is slain.

Misuse of energy and intellectual prowess lead to coldness.

Many have gone against the life force using the mind.

Self-centeredness, intellectual prowess, and telepathic power is a

false sense of superiority leading to root rot.


Manipulative genetic changes kill the spirit.

Continued abuse, the Tree falls similar to a nation.

Arrogance and disrespect toward any life form is not an evolved soul.

Projecting negativity strongly attracts negativity.

The Tree warns that there are serious consequences

Raise consciousness and sharpen the sense of responsibility
Using rightly the lost knowledge.
Technological advances must include the heart as well as the mind.
The goal is to be in touch with the Sun, the stars, and the powers.
Developing the power of mind may assist elevating us to a higher vibration.
It is all for naught and civilizations destroyed when experimentations go wrong.
There are laws and limits.  If ignored, we return to seedlings, the cellular stage and must again climb the tree.
We are answerable to our use of energy.
The Tree symbolizes universal consciousness.
Each is a part of the whole, an aspect of the One.
We are capable of creating and dis-creating.
No longer, cut yourself off from the roots.
Be comfortable, become familiar, and knowingly ascend.
History must not repeat itself.
Honoring limits are involved.
Earth has required past reseeding.
Be answerable to the laws of nature and cease
Destruction of life through the misuse of energies.
The power of Energy is available to all.
Remember, we are answerable for our choice.
We have been given the pathway to take.
Why make the same mistakes for eons of time?
Growth brings freedom and knowledge of love.
Learn to rise above the everyday problems.
Train yourself to question and be aware.
Always look at all angles and believe in the good.
Remember to have faith.
Open yourself up and know that which is true.


The greatest act is to love one another.

When love is present, negative karma disappears.

If love ruled, suffering and wars would cease.

Let us understand and climb the tree together.

Love is the central point.


Gain understanding of self, others, and give it as well.

We all have the ability to create miracles.

Use discipline and take the time.

Learn to be in tune with self and with the planes of spirit.

Achieving both and using the laws of nature, become a clear channel.


All things are possible with faith.

One must just believe that one can do this.

Dare to look inside yourself and face what is there.

Allow your true Self, hidden within, to surface.

Let us change and not make the same mistakes.


A Supreme Power is waiting for those of receptivity and faith.
Faith is the true soil and the power is God.
Healers carry the seed of healing.
A seed cannot sprout in the rocky soil of disbelieving minds.
The seed requires prepared and good ground.
There is a divine energy running through the spine.
The spine is our "rod and staff" serving the crown of our being.
How can we want when the divine waits for our awakening.
Place the ego aside and be open to the divine communion.
Divinely transmitted energy works perfectly.
Allow God's unlimited power to flow without obstruction.
Step into the garden of your radiant tree.
Feel the fresh grass through the soles of your feet.
Infinite Life Force is purifying, healing, and removing separation and loss.
The seeds of ignorance are destroyed and God's love touches and heals.

Let us step out of falsity and lift the mind, feeling nature and heart.

Having removed judgment and wrath,you reach the first bough.

It is time to discover and enjoy the fruit of love and compassion.

Examine your roots and come with me on a journey of love.

Remove the mystery and gain the secret of wholeness.


Destiny is to gain a conscious super mind in a perfect body.

Conditioning and programming creates separation and error thinking.

Pure intention is to live a life of science and love.

Put on your armor, carry your sword, and enter the battle.

Grab the axe and strike at the root of every error.


A deliberate climb will see through false reasoning.

View the world and create with the light of understanding.

Use gratitude and align energies with the Source of All.

Be relaxed, welcome, and manifest from the heart.

Create with hope and confidence and move with the wind.


Claim mental calmness and ascend to the second bough.

Free of all ignorance and intolerance, bear the fruit of love and compassion.

Consciously climb and energy is transformed and elevated.

Apply the magic of positive thought to all situations.

With focused and compassionate mind be a natural healer.


Align individual will with Divine Will.

Understand disobeying mental and moral laws causes suffering.

Choosing to remove judgment, anger and ignorance  reach the next bough.

The goal is to go beyond the conscious mind including the reasoning.

Abandon traits that harm and choose identification with true Self.


Climbing with ease, withdraw to the center of your being.

A vast calmness  is discovered and pain banished.

Pull sunbeams through the medulla oblongata, God's door.

Allow the rays of the Sun to impart healing to the brain stem.

Move the ray to the third eye pulling down the power through your spine.

Reaching the third bough is to be free of all duplicity and arrogance.
The result is to bear the fruit of honor and humility.
Ego consciousness is now familiarized with its roots.
Unconscious knowledge is becoming more apparent.
The war is lessening between reason and intuitive knowledge.
A culture of duplicity is divided against itself.
Change starts in the mind and finishes in actions.
Take responsibility for your own performance.
Be aware of when to speak up and when to be silent.
Control the falsity of ego and develop humility.
Be a friend to self and honor your life.
Include honoring self in thought, choice, and action.
Choose friends who honor you, your health, and well-being.
Let go of guilt inducing patterns and listen to your soul.

Accept and not deny feelings moving upward into increasing light.

Free yourself from the weakness of the flesh.
Confront and conquer the illusion of your fears.
The fourth bough bears the fruit of strength and courage.
Discover the secret and sharp thorns, problematic traits, disappear.
To be able to ascend from one bough to another be full of faith.
You can reach your goal and see beyond.
Don't hold back with imagined limitations.
Continue your journey with a confident approach.
All answers are within.
Freedom is a work of healing for you to rediscover.
Turn perceived weakness into a strength.
No longer be bound by matter, materialism or opinion.
Hold fast to your limb and flow with the wind.
Space, time, things of the world do not define.
Be pure energy and conquer the illusion.
THE LIVING TREE 12- 5th bough
A tree connects the world below to the world above.
It reminds us to rise toward the heights.
The fifth bough bears the fruit of clarity and truth.
Know  and accept the truth of your soul.
You are a child of the living spirit.
The journey is great, a climb with many twist and turns.
Remain true to yourself, never compromising integrity.
You have the courage and power to continue.
Choose a life that is well-balanced and strong.
Use clear mental clarity and manage stress.
Communicate with ease and state your needs.
In confidence, speak your truth; in silence be comfortable.
Don't bother watering the trunk, leaves and flowers.
Water the root, your soul, and enjoy the fruit.
Realize your voice is ready to be heard and your truth is love.


Worry not about evil ones for they cause their own fall.

You are on earth to temper further earth catastrophes.

Understand chaos as a clearing of the past.

Resurfacing of negativity will clean the air.

Choose the Divine as a natural recourse to restore balance.


From the view of the sixth bough fill self daily with light and goodness.

Exercise self-control and insist on a place of love.

Train yourself to project the light of All- Knowing,

Only you can fill yourself with the intense joy of Being.

You do by crossing through the zone of illusory perceptions and tapping Reality.


You are not alone nor will you ever be.

Be alive to Light beginning and ending the day in gratitude and joy.

One with the universe and one with self and life is good.

Happiness builds and bursts into life in unexpected ways.

In gratitude know your path is carved toward greatness.



All things that are one can connect.

We connect through grace and beauty setting us free...I Am

It is then we gain knowledge and oneness with the harmonics of being.

Knowledge must be used only for good.

It is hidden within memories of how to use the mind.


The heart has been hurt and soul assault must end.

Repetitive history has harmed earth, a living being.

When knowledge is gone, no plentifulness exists.

Abuse of power results in shock, sadness and darkness.

The Living Tree interfaces with many dimensions and realms.


It is time for an awakening that will endure.

Blend and create with the mind and heart.

You do this by aligning with the Sun, moon, and stars.

Raise your consciousness and vibration and merge with the One.

Hold firmly to the seventh bough as the world prepares to shift.










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