What we need to be aware of and seek is the Sunlit Path.  We start with what we are and as we are, at the physical level of everyday life.  It will feel like a window opening.  Deciding to suffuse everything we touch and see with drops of Light will be our part if we choose to increase the available vibrations already existing in our midst.
Accepting this idea will allow a higher vibration of consciousness to accompany us everywhere permeating everything, each step, gesture, second as we move within another space that we are consciously creating.  In choosing to live this way, we live as conscious Light in the midst of human confusion and ignorance.
Imagine awakening to another rhythm where we no longer want, or feel compulsions to acquire material things in the same way or struggle to live?  A new path with a higher rhythm being allowed to emerge as us where we see clearly, understand, feel and know with a certainty that we are carrying an unborn amazing energy within that vibrates with infinite creative possibilities.
The Path  of Sun does not  lead to a summit only above.  It is everywhere, right here at ground level, simply covered by false beliefs and conditioning.  Evolution is not moralistic alone nor does it need to be slow.  This is not about ascending.  It is about waking up and unveiling a truth, light and energy that pervades everything including our cells since the beginning of time.
The time is ripe for more light to manifest on Earth.  The transition begins with small changes, subtle strokes.  Become an observer and be not wasteful.  We will continue to live our lives in what appears as normality and yet be aware of something long forgotten that is vibrating secretly and softly.  We are awake and observing.  It will not take long and there will be a realization that a bright and powerful energy is willing to help with everything you do.
Awakening, accepting and cooperating with the Light is working with an ancient rhythm behind, around, and everywhere vibrating as a vast, tranquil, and weightless creative flow.  It is similar to entering a clearing and everything is understood, simple, magnificent, without our knowing why but simply being one with it because we are ready.
There are rules of passage.  They are simple.  A clear consciousness involves a knowledge of vibration  The rules: 1) Everything already is a part of the Oneness, the Great Harmony.  We discover that there are no insignificant things. What there is are moments of unconsciousness, forgetfulness and mistaken attitudes. 2) Through attentiveness and discipline we remove falsity and conditioning.  We keep the shadow, the ignorance, at a distance. 3) We consciously make an effort to increase the clearing, the clarity, the higher understanding holding both close to the heart and mind.
It is time to go beyond the spells of hypnotism and move within a great rhythm.  Energy will change.  We will remember that we can transform matter through a subtler power, our own innate power of truth.  It is like a single movement where we break limits.  It could feel like pain or a grating against a wall.  There is always fire when we step back into the vastness recapturing the natural rhythm.  We begin to live in an incredible landscape where living lights seem to twinkle everywhere.  We are consciously connected to our true identity.  When the mind is willing to be open, it is an assent full of sunshine touching everything in our midst.  We blossom within, opening and communicating instantly and directly with both the seen and the unseen.
All is golden whether it is seen or not.  The movement is from within outward.  Life is no longer the result of manipulation of the external but, the unfolding of an inner phenomenon that controls matter with an inner unfolding of truth in truth and by truth.  It is a natural process and not contrived.  If we desire to heal the cancers of the world, it requires that we awaken the Divine within right here in matter.  It will unfold in degrees; everything will eventually harmonize with the Law of Love.  Love is the supreme effectiveness.
The energy of the path feels new to those who are only now awakening to the idea of something far grander than they have ever experienced.  It is available right here in matter. The energy has always existed but,unless we are fine 'tuned'  to a higher Reality, we don't feel or hear it.  Perhaps, you have felt or seen the healing vibration and simply did not understand.
What you are experiencing is access to an inner fire that clarifies, heals, creates and is the same fire everywhere existing as invisible and lesser degrees in all beings and things and movements.  Most people have been so badly damaged by false programming that they have accepted suffering as normal and as a result judge that they are not worthy.  The personality may have thought, spoken, or acted harmfully but, and this is important, the divine Light, the spirit within is worthy. The Fire is often called the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine, Mother and other names.  It's comfort, intelligence and creative power exists both within and without.  It patiently waits for us to acknowledge Its presence, power and unconditional love...speaking from lifetime experien
What would happen if more of us held a constant understanding of a higher reality?  We could live a perpetual miracle, a genuine  vibration of love.  I am referring to a vibration that has at different times over the past millions of years been capable of an overwhelming speed that manifests whatever is needed.  Because love and understanding was replaced by greed and manipulation, the energy was no longer available to the people who lived on Earth.  When we fall back out of the unified field, we enter a field-time that holds pain and death.  It is liken to an onion skin over the mind and heart of humanity.  When we revert into ordinary consciousness, pain is the result.
If we can get past the ordinary duality consciousness, healing and good changes will often be instantaneous.  We must desire and strive to move from a fragmented consciousness to a higher vibration.
As our consciousness evolves, it speeds up and the cells of the physical body that mimic a sense of eternality.  We begin to consciously connect to a power, light,  love and ability that has been forgotten and appears missing.  If our consciousness moves from the ordinary to the higher consciousness, time vanishes for the material or bodily consciousness and decay can actually be controlled. Much that we take for granted now can be tempered or even eliminated.  It is a vertical movement and not a horizontal one.  As long as we remain in the unity consciousness, there isn’t any friction because consciousness is  elevated and  we are living at an accelerated speed of light.
The new consciousness will gradually alter the features of the body and you may become more supple and not so dependent on nourishment from gross matter.  We must first attain a true change in consciousness to change the physical conditions.  The more we do this, the greater will be the new state and the possibility of it holding as well as becoming powerfully contagious.  The painful conditions humanity has accepted as normal result in ongoing ignorance of the higher dimensions of love and light resulting in suffering. The nightmare could change. There is a cellular state of consciousness in matter.  To tap into and work with this power involves an awakening of an inner reality that today’s humanity has temporarily forgotten.



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