The Twelve Wisdoms

I wrote the Twelve Wisdom's in the 1980’s.   It is a simple guide and reminder outline that if lived both gently and lovingly will assist our true identity as spirit clothed in form to unfold as a lotus of a thousand petals.

1.     It is wisdom to develop attunement with Divine Will; Our personal will is strengthened in overcoming worldly desires and issues as we attune to the faultless Will of the Intuitive Voice.
2.     It is wisdom to listen to the internal Teacher in daily prayer and meditation: It is through the discipline of meditation that we become unified with the Cosmic Creator.
3.     It is wisdom to daily read Scripture or similar spiritual works; By filling the mind with a holy vibration, we expand, transform and lift thought to a higher level of consciousness.
4.     It is wisdom to obey the Divine Light patiently waiting within; Listen to the loving Voice and faithfully follow the ancient suggestions.
5.     It is wisdom to develop a trust in the Divine; Allow trust to work out every detail in your life.
6.     It is wisdom to study the examples Holy Ones have given us; Decide to be an example by offering a pattern open to infinite possibilities.
7.     It is wisdom to lovingly care for your body temple and guard what you put into it; Poor diet and habits create suffering and diminish light.
8.     It is wisdom to avoid extremes in any one area of development; There needs to be an intelligent balance in all cleansing to fully express the Divine.
9.     It is wisdom to guard your tongue; What comes out of the mouth can be more detrimental to our consciousness than what we put into it.
10.  It is wisdom to soften our zeal for truth near those who cling to delusion; When there is no receptivity, it is best we remain silent and not force our views upon others.
11.  It is wisdom to train ourselves to put ego aside and allow the authentic Divine Self to live as us; To do so is to successfully gain a higher understanding.
12.  It is wisdom to invite the creative comforter, the Holy Spirit, to work through us as we create a clean heart, mind and body; When the Door is open and Divine Self is activated, we become a free spirit, true love, at last.
Blessing of love and light,
Shirlee Hall
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